The Ionized Optics uses miniaturization techniques to unify Focused Optics and Ion Modulator technology.
  — In-game description 
Ionized Optics I II III
Mass 25% weapon mass 38% weapon mass 51% weapon mass
Shield Damage +20% +30% +40%
Maximum Range +620 m +870 m +1,120 m
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Reclamation (Store),
Shadow Strike (Store),
Iron Blood (Store),
Riot (Store)
Complete Blueprint
Curr. Available in
Planet Strike (Store)
Tech Lab Required VI VIII X
Time 2h 47m 6h 01m 30s 7h 30m 00s
Helium-3 2,440,613 5,402,370 6,699,000
Antimatter 1,800,790 2,233,000
IonOptics 1

Ionized Optics icon


Combined together, Ionized Optics increase your energy weapons range and shield damage.
  — Sybil 

Ionized Optics are a booster for Energy weapons. They were available in the event Reclamation. They increase energy weapons damage to shields and increase to their maximum range. They are rather becoming uncommon but still used in combat.

They are effective at mid level combat, but not so much at high level combat, as most high level ships feature far more armor than shields. Hence, the disadvantage of reduced damage armor outweighs the advantage of stripping enemy shields more quickly. Because of this, in addition to inferior range compared to Focused Optics, ionized optics are rarely seen in high level combat.

Ionized optics cannot be stacked with focused optics or ion modulator.

Strategy and Setup

Get the best of both worlds with Ionized Optics.
  — Event Store 


Ionized optics are a mix of Ion Modulator III and Focused Optics IV at level III, the most commonly used version. This is a huge advantage as you can equip a thruster to the hull in addition to what is effectively two weapons boosters. They also have rather high levels of the buffs mixed in which makes it very good compromise on some hulls.

Ionized optics are deadly when it comes to taking down shields, especially with Aurora Rays due to its innate +25% shield damage. This is particularly deadly to ships with double shield slots, such as most cruisers.

The ionized optics range is also high, which can be very good in PvP or against NPC Targets. This can make it easier to catch and devastate battleships with cruisers as you will take less damage trying to approach the battleships, battleships have a higher armor to shields ratio and ion modulator is ideal in these scenarios. For battleships with ionized optics in comparison with focused optics V, they do not suffer a major drawback in range against hulls such as destroyers, cutters an cruisers.


Ionized optics has some major disadvantages, one of which is its weight addition. Lower level hulls can't equip as much mass, and will usually have a hard time balancing the extra weight on top of weapons. It is relatively unused by low to mid level players, until they unlock higher weight hulls.

Their range addition can also be a disadvantage for some hulls, as many hulls rely on their range like battleships and destroyers. The loss of 130 meters as compared to Focused Optics is increased on ships with range bonus attributes such as battleships and destroyers.

All in all, it's important to keep in mind that at high level combat, many ships tend have significant amount of armor. As such, equipping focused optics is always a safer option. Ionized optics don't reduce the time to kill high level ships with high amount of armor such as fully equipped Iron Star Company ships or Demon Corps hulls.


Ionized optics has a wide diversity in usage. Hence here is a list of what they are best used for:

  • Cutters and frigates can benefit from ionized optics, especially the Gharial Cutter or Eagle Frigate as they have more mass. As most cutters and frigates are equipped with energy weapons, they can greatly benefit from ionized optics as Aurora Ray, Impulse Beam and Gatling Ray setups can be very effective with the added range and shield damage and are very common among players.
  • Cruisers can be well equipped with ionized optics especially in farming as the extra damage to shields and range are a excellent for energy weapons equipped cruisers who want to deplete shields quickly while having a range advantage. Most cruisers in high level PvP would stick to Focused Optics V as they need higher range to negate their comparatively slower speed and lack of range bonus. However in farming and lower level PvP ionized optics I and II are used as low to medium level players can have a easier time in farming and PVP, ships in this level tier feature higher shield protection in comparison with armor.
  • Battleships can also benefit from this but not as much as the above, but must equip the level III variant. However many players tend to stay with Focused Optics V as the range and mobility of battleships is what keeps them superior in combat. The lack of range tends to be a significant disadvantage in battleship vs battleship scenarios but negligible in other circumstances, it is a loss of roughly 200 metres range including the bonus range. Because of the 51% extra weight, typically high level battleships can equip them, since high level ships feature more armor than shields, it only decreases the time to kill ships slightly if not actually increase the time to kill enemy ships.


  • Ionized Optics hold the highest mass percentage of any ship weapons boosters in the game.
  • Ionized Optics are the second hybrid special, the first being Fusion Thrusters.
  • As of the April Patch notes, Ionized Optics no longer has an armor damage penalty.


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