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Ion Recharger   Xeno Ion Recharger

The Ion Recharger allows Energy weapons to deal more damage to shields, at the cost of reduced damage to armor.
  — In-Game Description 
Ion Recharger I II III IV V
Mass (% weapon mass) 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
Shield Damage +20% +30% +40% +50% +60%
Health Damage -5% -7% -10% -13% -15%
Tech Lab Required V VII VIII X X
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 2h 48m 20s 7h 33m 20s 1d 4h 05m 00s 4d 8h 30m 00s 8d 9h 36m 40s
Mineral Ore 197,678 1,879,289 12,386,625 25,043,212 82,766,399
Antimatter 0 98,910 2,185,875 6,260,803 20,691,601
Time 33m 20s 1h 30m 00s 5h 36m 40s 20h 53m 20s 1d 16h 20m 00s
Mineral Ore 19,355 234,177 1,619,646 3,245,299 11,263,248
Antimatter 0 0 179,960 811,325 2,815,812
Ion recharger

Ion Recharger Icon


The Ion Recharger is a booster for base Energy weapons. It is the counterpart of the ion modulator for ship weapons. It increases the damage dealt to shields, but reduces the damage dealt to armor.

Strategy and Setup


The Ion Recharger gives a massive 60% bonus shield damage at level V. Thus weapons with 500 DPS will do 800 DPS against shields punishing lower level or mid level attackers trying to recharge shields or only relying on their shields in base combat.

Like the said above, this will quickly make recharge shielding tactics useless once in range of your energy weapons. This can prove effective in blitzing if your enemy is trying to minimize damage.


Though, when compared to Focused Apertures, it is almost a complete joke to the community. A main and very unpopular disadvantage it has is its decrease in armor damage. This makes it almost worthless as almost all base attackers have maximum armor and minimal shielding.

It also only boosts energy turrets and takes up a special slot. Energy weapons are terrible turrets in general and without the range boost of Focused Apertures it will almost always never fire on an enemy.


Not many good setups exist as energy weapons and bonus shield damage in general never work well in base combat. Though, sometimes it can do reasonably okay but still is easily outpreformed.

Tachyon Beam Turrets are usually the only turret that could use this special, but even then it needs extra range. The only reasonable place to use this special is on the bridge, but energy turrets aren't great so its not very common.



  • Even before the rise of armor and the fall of shields it was rarely ever used as even then base attackers always maxed out on armor and the best energy turret out there was the terrible, ECHO Ray Turret
  • This along with Sweep Maximizer are considered the worst base specials in the game.
  • Even when equipped on the bridge with Focused Apertures its often too heavy to actually max out on armor.

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