Ion Modulator   Ion Recharger

The Ion Modulator allows Energy weapons to deal more damage to shields, at the cost of reduced damage to armor.
  — In-Game Description 
Ion Modulator I II III IV V
Mass (% weapon mass) 6% 12% 18% 24% 30%
Shield Damage +20% +30% +40% +50% +60%
Armor Damage -5% -7% -10% -13% -15%
Tech Lab Required V VII VIII X X
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 28m 5h 33m 1d 0h 59m 2d 14h 59m 4d 12h 15m
Helium-3 80,100 1,123,560 4,876,535 10,897,200 18,750,000
Antimatter 0 124,840 860,565 3,632,400 6,250,200
Time 4m 00s 17m 30s 1h 03m 00s 2h 30m 00s 4h 13m 00s
Helium-3 16,130 224,928 975,605 2,179,800 3,750,570
Antimatter 0 24,992 172,166 726,600 1,250,190

Ion Modulator Icon


Ion Modulator are a booster for base Energy weapons. They are the counterpart of Ion Recharger for base weapons. They increase the damage energy weapons deal to shields but decrease damage dealt to armor. They are quite useless in mid level or high level combat.

Strategy and Setup


The use for Ion modulator is highly limited to mid and low level tiers due to how useless shields have become in PvP and how armor became more of a necessity. But, its use can be excellent when used on the right target.

It has bonus shield damage, so weapons like the Burst Ray can deal extra damage to shields, which the Burst ray suffers from. Weapons that don't need extra range are considered but there are very few that qualify. It also is pretty light only adding 30% mass.


However, it also decreases armor damage which is terrible in any real fight as armor has become such a necessity and high damage weapons are so common its extra shield damage is almost meaningless. This becomes even worse in Xeno Division Hulls bawls which have massive armor.

Focused Optics V is also much more important when choosing between the two to equip due to the importance of range. Weapons that don't need range are so rare and usually useless, players tend to never pick Ion modulator.


Burst Ray Cutters are almost the only thing that truly benefit from this special as Burst rays do not need range and struggle against shields. Level IV or III is recommended with the hull.

When going against farming fleets with tons of shields they also can help in these instances, but it has become very rare to encounter such fleet.



  • Even before the introduction and importance of high armor it was still usually considered incredibly useless do to the importance of range.
  • The old version of the Ion Modulator did not have the energy weapon symbol on it and had a less refined explosion

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