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The Ion Gatling fires streams of ions at enemy ships, stripping shields and armor alike.
  — Fan-made Description
Ion Gatling Stats
Range 0-3,250 m
Projectile Speed 4,000 m/s
Shield Bypass +25%

Fan-made art of the Ion Gatling.


The Ion Gatling is an Energy-type weapon usable only by the Aliens. It appears as a lime-green Gatling Ray.

Despite its resemblance to the Gatling Ray, it does not pierce ships. Its reload time is also much longer, and has a larger spread.

In addition, this weapon has built-in shield bypass, greatly increasing the direct damage to armor through the shields.


The Ion Gatling is sported by Alien Reapers. Those in Unknown Reaper Fleets deal little damage, while those in Unknown Aggressors deal heavy damage, often destroying modules in a matter of seconds.

In Alien Decimation, each Reaper Harvester comes with 2 Greater Ion Gatlings, which deal more damage and have much higher range than the regular version of the weapon. However, they do not deal much damage overall since the number of Ion Gatlings is much lower.


The best strategy against the Ion Gatling is not to get hit at all. This weapon only has 3,250 range, allowing it to not only be outranged by battleships, but also by regular ships like cruisers. Adequate firepower can ensure a quick death for the Reapers before they even get in range, despite their stasis resistance.


  • The Ion Gatling was first seen in Reaper fleets during the Vengeance event.


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