Ion Field Generator   Harmonic Ion Field Generator

A generator that creates the Ion Field to support friendly fleet ships during combat.
  — In-Game Description 
Ion Field Generator Stats
Mass 5% ship mass
Support Range 8,000 m
Shield Damage +30%
Health Damage -7%
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
AXIS - Ascension (Store),
Alien Decimation (Store)
Tech Lab Required X
Time 7d
Helium-3 19,196,612
Antimatter 11,856,731

Ion Field Generator


The Ion Field Generator is a field generator that grants the Paladin Carrier the Ion Field. It occupies a special slot in the Paladin carrier, a first for a carrier. The Ion Field, like the Phase Shifter Generator are rare to ever see due to how bad shields have become.

Strategy and Setup:


The main advantage the Ion Field Generator has, is its Ion Field it projects once equipped on the Paladin Carrier. This is also the advantage the Freyja Carrier and Valhalla Carrier have pre-built in.

The Ion Field increases all damage to shields by a large 30%. This can significantly increase the damage dealt to shields. Though, this is rarely ever needed as weapons usually destroy shields in 1 barrage.

It also takes up a special slot, which isn't used much on Carriers, thus, it is not a battle of what to equip in place of the Generator.


Like the Phase Shifter Generator, it has no place in the current meta. There have been so many new types of powerful armor but the same best shield has been in the game for 2 years. Today's weapons completely demolish the Metaphase Shield III instantly so a boost would not help.

To make it even worse, this field also decreases armor. Since, almost everyone tries to max out their armor and not shields this is an extremely bad disadvantage for your carrier to have, even if its 7% that's 140 lost DPS with 2,000 DPS.

It's easily replaced by the Agility Field Generator, another downside is that it has the same 7 day build time and massive resource cost making it an even poorer choice on the Paladin.


The Ion Field Generator should never be equipped to stay very competitive in the game. The Agility Field Generator should be the only generator you try to obtain in the events. Then, always equip THAT on the Paladin.



  • The Ion Field Generator, along with the Agility Field Generator and Phase Shifter Generator, represent the first in the ability to interchange support fields on a single Carrier.
  • The Ion Field Generator is considered the worst generator.
  • Surprisingly, there is no Stasis Field Generator, which would be more useful than 2 shield effecting generators.

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