Interceptor Squadron   Interceptor Wing

The Interceptor Squadron is especially designed for long-range combat. Its ships come fitted with Projectile weapons. Squadrons are only usable with carriers [sic].
  — In-Game Description 


Interceptor Squadron I
DPS 48 Pr 68 Pr 96 Pr
Mass 312 t 436 t 612 t
Flight Time 30 s
Scramble 9,000 m
Speed 1,200 m/s
Health 650
Hull XP 4,149 XP 6,582 XP 10,243 XP
Traits Stalling
BLUEPRINT CompleteBlueprint
Arms Lab Required VI VIII X
EQUIP ModuleRefit
Time Time Unknown Unknown Unknown
Helium-3 Helium3 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Antimatter Antimatter Unknown Unknown Unknown


Outfit your carrier with the projectile firing Interceptor Squadron, the ideal weapon for long range combat.
  — Sybil 

The Interceptor Squadron is the most basic Projectile ship squadron.

It travels directly towards targets, shooting miniature blue pellets at them. When under fire, it can come to an abrupt stop and attempt to "dodge" incoming projectiles.

Strategy and Setup


Interceptor Squadrons have the highest range out of all ship squadrons, outranging most carriers as well as base weapons. They can be used as cannon fodder since they launch first, soaking up damage and allowing other squadrons to pass through unharmed.

Interceptor Squadrons do not take up much mass and are hence often seen in low-level carriers such as the Valhalla.


Interceptor Squadrons have very low firepower, losing to even the researchable Fighter Squadron. They are best supported by other squadrons such as the Bomber Squadron.

They also travel slowly, giving enemies adequate time to shoot them down before being able to fire. Elite Squadrons can vastly improve their effectiveness in that respect.


  • Despite its name, Interceptor Squadrons cannot fire on other squadrons and damage them.