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The Infernal Vector Torpedo is a dreaded VSec Explosive weapon with torpedos that can alter their vectors in mid-flight.
  — In-Game Description 
Infernal Vector Torpedo I II III
Mass 848t 1018t 1187t
DPS 41 53 71
DPH 102.5 132.5 177.5
DPV 205 265 355
Range 2,000m-4,000m
Projectile Speed 1,100m/s
AoE Radius 400m
Sound Effects
Weap fire gmissile 01
Weap fire gmissile 02
Weap fire gmissile 03
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Alien Mobilization)
Arms Lab Required VI VIII IX
Time 8h 1d 2d
Helium-3 6,980,412 7,445,773 7,911,134
Antimatter 2,326,805 2,481,925 2,637,045
Vector 1+2+3

Infernal Vector Torpedo I, II, and III, Respectively

General Edit

Infernal Vector Torpedo is a shorter ranged but far more potent variant of the standard Vector torpedo developed by VSEC. It has been heavily modified with far more lethal damage and exclusive for Demon Corps ships only. They are only available in the re-occuring Alien Mobilization event.

They are rare to see in combat due to the fact they have far less firepower, than other Infernal weapons and possess a minimum range as well as rather moderate range for a weapon in comparison to all others.

Strategy and Setup Edit

Advantages: Edit

Infernal Vector torpedoes inflict massive amounts of damage, more than twice the damage the regular Vector torpedo can. This high DPS makes it deadly in crafting. When equipped on a Mk V hull they can do massive amounts of damage. This high damage usually results in a quick battle or many ships getting destroyed at the same time.

Disadvantages: Edit

Infernal Vector torpedoes have reduced and a thin band of firing range. Because of the reduced range, they are not viable options on Hellfire battleships or Damocles destroyers, at least in PvP. They are more suitable for medium range combat on Tornado frigates and Covenant cruisers. It has a relatively low projectile speed without the speed boosting effects for volatile fuel.

A huge downside to the Infernal Vector torpedo is that it has a HUGE amount of build time and resource cost. The Lv III version has a 2 day refit time and costs over 4 million resources in total. This can make ships like the Hellfire Battleship have a long, long refit time along with a cost that will drain a lot of your resources. Added to that, they are extremely heavy, making it hard to balance your ship out with good tech.

They are difficult to obtain in Alien Mobilization, in which the Infernal Vector torpedo was released. Players had to fight alien hive fleets which definitely, no matter what inflicted damage on your fleet. They are also reusable items when purchased meaning you have a limited amount to equip. This drastically reduces overall use in this weapon as most players rarely have enough for a fleet of Covenant Cruisers or Tornado Frigates and usually stick with the Manifold Missile.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is considered the most balanced infernal weapon out of the first three introduced
  • The Infernal Vector torpedo has the lowest DPS out of the infernal weapons.

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