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The Impulse Beam is a short range Energy weapon that builds up an extraordinary amount of energy for bursts of high damage.
  — In-Game Description 
Impulse Beam I II III
Mass 424t 869t 1958t
DPS 96 146 224
Range 0-4,700 m
Projectile Speed 3,000 m/s
Sound Effect Charging
Weap warm beam red 01


Weap fire beam red 01


Impact beam red 01
Unlocking (Only obtainable in Redemption)
Arms Lab Required
Impulse Turret1

Impulse Beam Turret I, II and III


The Impulse Beam Turret is an event weapon energy weapon, first available in the event Redemption. It fires a golden beam at its target, the beam is sustained for brief of time before needing to charge up again.

It is very similar to the Tachyon beam turret but has slightly more firepower.

Strategy and SetupEdit

ImpulseTurret 2

Impulse Beam turret firing


Impulse Beam Turrets have a very high amount of firepower at the lower levels and is especially light, this is quite useful for lower level players. The beam never misses unless the target escapes it attack range.


Level III variant of the Impulse beam turret is very heavy and inflicts damage that is rather moderate in high level base defense. It has very low range and can be easily out ranged and destroyed. Like all beam weapons, it is not ideal for shooting down squadrons.

In comparison to Storm driver turrets, Vector torpedo turrets and SICO missiles turrets, these have lesser range and lack superior traits such as higher firepower, explosive radius or tracking abilities and are in general less versatile.


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