Impulse Beam   Impulse Beam Turret

The Impulse Beam is a short range Energy weapon that builds up an extraordinary amount of energy for bursts of high damage.
  — In-Game Description 
Impulse Beam I II III
Mass 264t 475t 950t
DPS 27 42 70
DPV 189 294 490
Range 0-3,400 m
Projectile Speed 3,000 m/s
Firing Cycle C: 3.0 / F: 2.0 / R: 2.0 / N: Infinite
Sound Effect Charging
Weap warm beam red 01


Weap fire beam red 01


Impact beam red 01
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Conspiracy (Store),
Crossfire (Store),
Alien Decimation (Store)
Complete Blueprint
Curr. Available in
Planet Strike (Store)
Arms Lab Required V VII IX
Time 46m 1h 32m 3h 4m
Helium-3 508,569 1,160,876 2,170,209
Antimatter 26,767 204,860 930,089
Impulse 1-2

Impulse I, II and III respectively


The Impulse beam is an event weapon energy weapon. It was available in the event Conspiracy.

Impulse beams are very potent beam weapons for short to long range combat. They inflict devastating amounts of per shot. They are common amongst high level players on different hulls because of their damage output and long range capabilities when equipped with focused optics.

Impulse beams can be recognized by a bright, golden translucent beam. The beam has a thickness slightly greater than both the Archer beam and the Thermal beam.

A whirring power up sound effect can be heard when the Impulse beam charges before firing. Impulse beams maintain the beam for a brief duration before recharging and firing again.

Strategy and Setup

Impulse 1

Impulse beams in action.


The Impulse beam is a direct upgrade over to the Thermal beam, it has more mass efficient and deals greater damage. It has greater range as well.

To add to its effectiveness, the Impulse beam can hit targets that are hiding behind other ships, rendering the usual tactic of shuffling ships useless. Damaged ships cannot take cover behind other ships.

Impulse beam cannot be dodged.

Despite the description, Impulse beams have relatively long range.

High level players occasionally equip Impulse beams on their battleships for the sheer firepower to obliterate their targets.


Impulse beams have a brief delay before firing, this can be a massive disadvantage particularly for battleships as other weapons like Aurora rays, ECHO rays and Vector torpedoes fire immediately when target is in range. Because of this, enemy battleships may slip in range for the most briefest moment to fire off a single salvo before exiting your weapon's range, depriving the Impulse beam enough time to fire at its target.

Impulse 1-0

Impulse beam fired at a combat module

Impulse beams, like all other beam weapons cannot shoot down squadrons efficiently, they only shoot down one squadron at time. This is a substantial disadvantage as it provides enemy squadrons lengthy amounts of time to deal damage to ships under bombardment for squadrons.

Impulse beams while potent, has a tendency to over commit its damage allocation to a single ship. If a ship is near death, a ship equipped with Impulse beam will need to charge up fully being delivering the death blow. Other weapons with faster fire rates and quickly finish off ships with low health and quickly target another ship.


  • It is the second ship Energy Beam weapon to date, the first being Thermal Beam.


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