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The Hydra Missile is an impressive ship Explosive weapon that splits into many smaller explosives before reaching its target.
  — In-Game Description 
Hydra Missile I II III
Blueprint Fragments 4 Pieces 5 Pieces 6 Pieces
Blueprint Tier Tier I Tier II Tier III
Mass 369 t 519 t 770 t
DPS 22 27 34
Range 1,500-4,000 m
Projectile Speed 1,400 m/s
AoE Radius 350m
Sound Effects
Weap fire hydra l1 01
Weap fire hydra l1 02
Weap fire hydra l1 03
Arms Lab Required IV VI VIII
Other Requirements HEX Missile II Plasma Torpedo II
Time 7m 40s 1h 8m 20s
Helium-3 48,003 587,388 3,947,783
Antimatter 0 65,266 1,315,928

Hydra Missile I, II, and III, Respectively


The Hydra missile is an explosive weapon. It is a blueprint weapon developed by VEGA Corporation, and its blueprints are found in rebel cargo fleets level 20-27 or VEGA Cargo fleets level 20-37.

They can be recognized from their red/orange, smooth curved trail that splits and converges on their target. No actual physical missile can be seen when they are fired, suggesting that Hydra missiles are fundamentally made of energy. They make a quiet whistling noise when firing.

They are common weapons in low level and mid level fleets amongst players because of their accuracy and decent firepower at those player level ranges with acceptable range.

Blueprints for Hydra missiles I can be bought at the black market.

Strategy and SetupEdit

Advantages: Edit

Hydra missiles are medium range weapons with moderate firepower dealing explosive type damage. They have a medium amount of splash damage and a small minimum range where it cannot fire on targets.

Hydra missiles are good at tracking down and killing ships. They can hit many targets clustered together when equipped with antimatter warheads and are great against grouped ships not using Shockwave shields. Hydra missiles never miss and delivers its payload damage in a consistent fashion.

Hydra missiles can partially miss however, when it splits, a portion of the missiles is unguided and will miss its target if it is moving. The remaining portion of the missile will not miss and hit its target. Moving targets can reduce damage sustained by evading the unguided portion of missiles.

They can also be put on Rancor battleships to serve as both an anti-Nighthawk frigates fleet and as an auto-piloting fleet. Auto-piloting fleets can destroy low and medium level VEGA cargo fleets without needing the player to command the fleet and emerge from the battle with minimal damages if ships are configured properly.

Disadvantages: Edit

Hydra missiles have no sheer disadvantages when players obtain and use them early enough at low/mid levels.

Hydra missiles have a minor minimum range blind spot, making them slightly unsuitable fighting against close range ships like cutters.

In high level combat, in terms of firepower, the Hydra missile is low. In comparison with SICO missiles, they are inferior in firepower, range and splash damage, despite the fact SICO missiles tend to miss and have a diluted amount of damage inflicted to their targets. They are extremely rare amongst high level players.

Video Edit

Vega Conflict - Hyrda Missile Review02:27

Vega Conflict - Hyrda Missile Review

Video Explanation of the Hydra Missile


  • Rancor battleships equipped with 3x Hydra missile I, and Shockwave Shield IV are capable of killing most Nighthawk frigate builds.
  • The Hydra missile is the most common weapons used on an auto build configuration using Rancor battleships.
  • Due to having a zero degree spread, the Sweep launcher special equipment has no effect on the Hydra missiles.
  • After porting from Flash to Unity the Hydra missile has a new change in its firing graphic and also a change in its sound effect.


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