The Hurricane Frigate is a ferocious mercenary frigate. It's heavily armed and armored, but perfectly capable of evasive maneuvers.
  — In-Game Description 


The Hurricane Frigate is a high level, tier five Iron Star Company hull. It was first available in the event Backlash and occasionally returns in riots.

It is powerful frigate with far more durability and mass in comparison to its VSec and VEGA variants. They are rather commonly seen in combat, and one of the most frequently used Iron Star Company Hulls.

Strategy and Setup

Armed and armored, the Hurricane Frigate is an agile hull that is prepared for combat.
  — Sybil 


Hurricane frigates have significantly increased armor and mass over Condor and Eagle frigates. The innate armor weight reduction and bonuses, three armor slots, as well as being an Iron Star Company hull being able to equip Skirmish armor makes the Hurricane frigate a far more resilient ship in comparison to other frigates.

Its extra mass permits room for strongest shields and highest level weapon boosters such as focused optic V.

Frigates also dual purpose in being capable of dealing bonus damage to both destroyers and battleships when they are upgraded with crafting credits.


In comparison with other ship types, Hurricane frigates have comparatively low damage, restricted to three weapon slots. Most ships even from lower tier have more firepower than the Hurricane.

Because of its rather low firepower, it is strongly recommended to upgrade these frigates with MK credits. Collecting parts, cores and patterns is difficult even for high level players.

Recommended Builds:

Aurora ray, Manifold missiles and Fissure torpedoes are common weapons equipped on Hurricane frigates along with focused optic V or antimatter warheads respectively. Given their bonus armour and armour slots, explosive or energy resistors are ideal.

Despite being one of the few ships that can ideally use the Binary Thruster III, many players prefer to choose fusion thruster III over it or better yet, unstable reactors.

Usage by VEGA

Hurricane Frigates have seen limited use in VEGA's Corrupted Iron Star Amber Army, only appearing once in Conspiracy's event fleet, armed with Impulse Beam.

Mark 5 variants are however rather common in the Crafting fleets, either armed with Vector Torpedo (in the case of the Raider and Battalion fleets), or Wave Driver and NET Torpedo (in the Vanguard Fleets)


  • It bears similarity to the Condor frigate in appearance.
  • The Hurricane frigate (along with the Tornado frigate) are the only frigates to not be named after a bird or part of a bird.
  • The Hurricane was originally called the Capybara, and some players jokingly called it the Crappybara.


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