The Hunter Swarm represents the best in squadron technology through the study and implementation of Xeno Division research.
  — In-Game Description 
Hunter Swarm I II III
Mass 1,218t 1,462t 1,583t
DPS 411 494 535
Flight Time 30s
Health 1,500
Scramble Range 9,000 m
Speed 2,000 m/s
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in

AXIS - Ascension (Store),
Alien Decimation (Store)

Time 12h 22h 2d 5h
Helium-3 14,109,793 17,213,947 20,318,102
Antimatter 5,487,142 6,694,313 7,901,484

Hunter Swarm I, II, and III Respectively


The Hunter Swarm is a powerful Alien damage dealing squadron, built from the remains of defeated Aliens. It was first released in the event AXIS.

Strategy and Setup


The Hunter Swarm is an incredibly powerful swarm, and the most powerful swarm type in the game. It has almost the same mass as the Ranger Swarm but an massive boost in DPS for only a slight increase in mass. This can easily decimate many Non-AXIS hulls extremely quickly.

It also has the highest range in the game, this bypasses every other squadron in the game except Interceptor Squadrons. This makes it incredibly useful against other carriers. On a 1 on 1 this will allow your carrier to almost always win, thus it can be very useful.

It also is the fastest swarm in the game, this makes it easily reach the enemy once in range and giving the enemy less time to shoot it down before. With its rather large health this can be very devastating.


However, it still only has 1,500 health allowing it to be easily shot down by even the Manifold Missile and easily by the Heavy Seeker Missile and other Xeno weapons. Thus, if you have the Yellowjacket Drone it is much better even with its massive mass.

Since it does Alien damage, high level players will almost always have around 70% alien resistance which can seriously hinder your damage output as Xeno Division Hulls will always have a 40% Alien resistance without bonuses.

It also is very expensive in terms of resources and build times. This can stretch out your carrier's build time and cost to extremely high levels and usually taking so long the you would usually have little time for anything else. Even worse it's an reusable item making it highly limited aswell.


Like all carrier squadrons try to outfit the most amount of squadron levels as possible before balancing out the rest of your carrier. However, the Paladin Carrier is very different from most carriers as it needs Generators for support fields.

Since the Paladin has alot of mass and since the Hunter is very light weight, you can easily max out on level III while still having left over mass to max out your hull. III x6 along with Agility Field Generator and maximum armor and shields will be an effective fitting.



  • The Hunter is the First Squadron to do Alien Damage, which is surprising since the 3 alien swarms did not do any alien damage.
  • KIXEYE Clarified that some Squadrons in Old Hive Fleets did Alien Damage, the Hunter Swarm could have been one of the Squadrons Launched.
  • The Hunter Swarm is a recolored Ranger Swarm.

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