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The Stalker Missile fires barrages of homing warheads at enemies from medium range.
  — Fan-made Description
Stalker Missile Stats
Range 4,000-11,000 m
Projectile Speed 2,500 m/s
Shield Bypass +25%
AoE Radius 600 m

Fan-made art of the Hunter Missile.


The Stalker Missile is an explosive-type weapon of the Alien faction that deals great AoE. It looks very similar to the player Scatter Missile, but has homing capabilities.

Like most other Alien weapons, it has built-in shield bypass, increasing the direct armor damage through shields.


The Stalker Missile is exclusive to Geir's Fortress. It is only found on Geir's elite Harvester guard, which is equipped with 4 of this weapon. Like the other weapons, it only deals moderate damage, but has the potential to multiply it by hitting multiple ships with its splash.


To avoid AoE damage, space out your ships when faced against the Stalker Missiles. Dodging this weapon is out of the question since it homes in on your ships. Explosive resistance helps to decrease the amount of damage taken.

You can also exploit the minimum range of the weapon, but be wary of the Harvester's Pulsar Shockwave which deals a lot of damage in comparison.


  • The Stalker Missile first appeared in Geir's Fortress during the Eradication event.


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