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Vega Conflict: Types Of ShipsEdit

Known IssuesEdit

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Listed here are bugs that have been identified with this Unit or Feature. Once fixed each issue will be moved to Resolved.

Existing Known Bugs :

Resolved Bugs :

  • Ships will now require a set amount of health in order to be launched.

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Additional FactsEdit

  • Each of your fleets will have its own level based on what’s equipped on each hull.
  • Here’s what you need to know:
    • During the update, all of your fleets will be recalled to your base. Please plan accordingly.
    • Your Fleet Levels will reflect what you have equipped to each hull. Currently, every shield, weapon, or thruster has an XP amount associated to it. Going forward, what you can fit on your hull will determine each fleet’s level.
    • In some rare cases they may change a little more dramatically if you’re a player that has focused on building gnarly fleets instead of a gnarly base and vice versa.
    • Guarding or escorting fleets must be within five levels of the base it’s guarding or the fleet it’s escorting. Fleets level 35 and over can guard any base over level 35+ or escort any fleet level 35+.
    • Fleet levels will be displayed on your fleet manager and on fleets in planet and sector space.
    • You can hit any level VEGA Fleet with any fleet still both in Sector and Planet.
  • And here’s why we’re doing it:

    • Having separate levels will help reduce spamming and base holding which will reduce the amount of harassment in the game across both sector and planet.

    • More targets to attack! You can build fleets of any level, allowing you to attack players below or above you based on your fleet's level regardless of medals.

List of Quick TipsEdit

  • It’s important to diversify the weapon types on your ships to find the weak points in enemy bases.


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