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General Edit

Unknown Fleets

Unknown Signal Fleets attacking players in the Sector.

Alien fleets appear randomly in events and Alien Mobilization and Alien Decimation. The event featured a series of unstable, green colored wormholes opening up that spawns fleets. These fleets are very powerful and require very different strategies and weapons and configurations on ships to defeat them.

All Alien Fleets will aggressively target Miner Rebellion fleets in sector space and attack them if they are nearby.

Alien fleets range from level 40 to level 90. In Alien Mobilization, Alien Decimation and some events you can engage these fleets in cooperative combat, partnering with another player but be aware as these are even harder fleets.

Alien fleets can only be defeated by high-level players and to some extent, mid-level players who are adept enough to do so.

Once defeated, Alien fleets drop Unknown Objects, which currently do not appear to have any use, but opens a window of opportunity to be used later in the future of VEGA Conflict and appear to be armaments for a certain crafting recipe.

Some Alien fleets also drop reusable credits for Alien Squadrons.

Alien fleets will try to warp away on the spot if they have been attacked too many times.

Description Edit

Alien Fleets consist of multiple variants, and should not be underestimated, even by high-level players.

Capture 6

Hive Fleets

A Hive fleet. Approach with caution.
  — In-Game Description 

These fleets consist of groups of 2 (solo) to 3 (co-op) Alien Hives. They rely on large numbers of squadrons for attack and defense. The centre orb is armed with a Photon Gatling that shoots down squadrons occasionally.

In Large Hive Fleets [co-op], the 4 orbs orbiting each Hive are additionally armed with Rift Beams.

Barrage Hive Fleets have abandoned all of their squadrons in exchange for powerful long-ranged weaponry. It is recommended to use cruisers and cutters to rush into the minimum range as quickly as possible.

Capture 1

Unknown Reaper Fleet

STRIKER pattern target. A formation of rapid Unknown craft ready to attack. Recommended: Cruisers and Battleships.
  — In-Game Description 

This fleet consists of 10 Alien Reapers, which are really fast and able to chase down even frigates and cutters.

It is recommended to bring cruisers and battleships to defeat this fleet.

Capture 7
Alien Harvester
A Capital-class Alien ship with regenerative capabilities.
  — In-Game Description 

This fleet consists of a single Alien Harvester.

The Alien Harvester is a powerful Alien Capital ship and should not be taken lightly. Rebels have 6 minutes instead of 5 to defeat this fleet.

Do note that Alien Harvester Fleets will regenerate to full health if not defeated in 1 hit.

Capture 2-2
Unknown Aggressor Fleet
A heavily armed Unknown Aggressor base attack fleet.
  — In-Game Description 

These fleets directly attack player bases, and consist of 8 Alien Reapers.

They do not drop any resources or Unknown Objects upon their destruction, but players are rewarded for event points if they successfully defend their base from them.

Trivia Edit

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