The Heretic Cruiser is a massively armored cruiser that epitomizes the mercenary attitude. It's an unstoppable force on the battlefield.
  — In-Game Description 


With heavy armor and ample firepower, the Heretic Cruiser can front run any opposition.
  — Sybil 

The Heretic Cruiser is a high level, tier five Iron Star Company hull. It was available in the event Reclamation. It is the first hull designed by the Iron Star Company.

Heretic cruisers are the most resilient ships in the game. Featuring up to seven armor slots and innate armor weight reduction and bonuses, it can have as much as 20,000 armor points fully equipped at MK V.

Strategy and Setup

Earn the right to fly the Heretic Cruiser, a mercenary ship designed by the iron Star Company.
  — Event Store 
Heretic cruisers are relatively uncommon to see in combat. They are still used to an incredibly reliable effect fighting off high level cutters.

The lack of weapon slots and extremely high repair time has limited the cruiser from ever becoming a staple ship in high level combat.

MK V Heretic cruisers are far more powerful than default MK I versions. Heretic cruisers with unstable reactors can inflict devastating damage upon destruction.


A massively armored ship, the heretic cruiser will lead your fleets in the battlefields against Vsec.
  — Sybil 
Heretic cruiser are the epitome of survival, they can survive a vast amount of damage before being destroyed. They excel in close and medium range combat with other cruisers and cutters due the difficulty of destroying them. They also function as excellent base decoys, drawing away heavy fire for sustained periods of time.

A fleet of Heretic cruisers paired with a carrier can have up to 100,000 armor points.

With an excessive amount of mass, players can rarely find an optimal build that uses all of the available mass on the ship. Players can equip almost anything they want, heaviest armour, shields, weapons or utilities.

Heretic cruisers also have a passive armour weight reduction bonus and a passive armour increase bonus. The bonus armour received through these bonuses do not increase repair time.

Being an Iron Star Company ship, it has access to exclusive equipment such as Skirmish armor that further enhances it durability against explosive and energy weapons. It also has access to unstable reactor, enhancing its mobility and point blank range combat to a deadly extent.

Being a cruiser class ship, they can equip a light weight, medium range but powerful Reverb ray, a weapon that is exponentially more powerful when attacking groups of targets.


The key disadvantages to the Heretic cruiser is a single shield slot and a reduced number of weapon slots.

With only a single shield slot, Heretic cruisers are far more reliant on their armor to survive from attacks, hence, in most battles, they will sustain damages that necessitates greater amounts of repairs than in comparison with Revelation cruisers or Apocrypha cruisers.

With a single reduced weapon slot, Heretic cruisers are forced to defeat their enemy ships through attrition. With a lower amount of firepower, they rely on surviving longer than enemy ships to wither them down. Because of this, this further results in greater amounts of damage sustained in battles, thus increasing the amount of repair time required after each battle.

Heretic 1

MK V Heretic cruisers with a single MK V Hurricane frigate.

Whilst Heretic cruisers have extreme amounts of armor, this comes at the cost of extended repair time. Should Heretic cruisers be destroyed in combat, fully equipped versions of them can take more than 24 hours to repair.

On top of this, Heretic cruisers despite their armor and brawn, have only slightly better chances of survival in combat with destroyers and battleships. Destroyers still possess an overwhelming 200% bonus damage to cruisers at MK V and battleships can still cripple Heretic cruisers with stasis weapons and attack with impunity. Heretic cruisers should be protected in battle by an escort and only be dispatched to deal with other cruisers or cutters.

usage by vega

The Heretic Cruiser has seen some frequent use in VEGA's Corrupted Iron Star Amber army.

They first appeared in the Iron Star Conspirator Event fleets during Conspiracy, and later in the Amber Army Event fleets and siege fleets during Iron Blood.

Mk 5 variants also appear in the Iron Star Crafting fleets, namely the Raiders as well as the Vanguard Fleets.

Except for the Vanguard fleets, where the Heretics had Thermal Beam instead, all other Heretic Cruisers launched by VEGA were armed with ECHO Rays instead.


  • It used to appear to be that of a really wide Revelation Cruiser, with a different color scheme.
  • The Heretic Cruiser was the first ship to feature six armor slots. The second is the Punisher Cruiser.
  • The Heretic cruiser is the second hull to possess modifiers without needing crafting upgrades, the first one being the Osprey frigate.


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