The Altairians are an older and far more advanced species than our own.
  — In-Game Description 


The Heralds are a sub-faction of the Altairians, led by Envoy Klavic. They introduced themselves to the Miner Rebellion, offering their technology in exchange for the rebellion's assistance in their war against the Oligarchs, led by Klavic's Sister Ny'tah.


In Contact, Klavic explains to the rebels that his Heralds come in peace, and are currently embroiled in a conflict with the Oligarchs, a splinter faction led by his sister, Ny'tah. He offered them the blueprints for the Bastion Cruiser and Altairian technology in exchange for their help in warding off the Oligarch assault.

In Deadlock, Ny'tah gives Klavic and his Heralds a chance to surrender, but they refuse, causing her to commit more ships towards destroying them. In exchange for the Rebellion's help again in fending off her assault, Klavic provides the rebellion with the blueprint for the Paragon Battleship.

Ships and Technology

The Heralds, being a subfaction, use Altairian Ships and technology. Their ships are coloured blue. Klavic made their technology available to the Miner Rebellion in exchange for their help against the war with the Oligarchs.

Notable Figures

The Heralds are represented by Envoy Klavic, a proud Altairian representative of the Heralds, and speaker of the teachings of his ascended father, On-Wah.


  • The Heralds are the "good guys" of the Altairians. They sought out the Miner Rebellion as Allies for help against their war with the Oligarchs.