The Hellfire Battleship has an arsenal similar to a stationary weapons platform. Even its own crew is at risk carrying so much ammunition.
  — In-Game Description 


The Hellfire Battleship is a high level, tier five Demon Corps hull. It was available in the event Scorched Earth. The hull was designed by the Demon Corps.

Hellfire battleships are extremely powerful and possess the highest amount of firepower for a warship in the game currently that is not a Carrier. They are uncommon, particularly MK V variants, even among-st the strongest alliances in the game but are rapidly becoming more and more standard and prevalent.

Strategy and Setup

The Hellfire Battleship is designed to be a huge loose cannon. It has only a single armour slot and isn't ideal for absorbing damage like any other battleship.


Hellfire battleships have immense mass, more weapon slots and additional reduction to their weapon's mass making it capable of equipping the heaviest and most powerful weapons in addition to weapon boosters.

Many players think the Hellfire battleship is very fragile, but in comparison with other battleships, it is roughly the same if not better when it comes to the amount of damage it can take. It has a high amount of default health, access to the armored thruster as well as high mass to equip Zynthium V. Only the Vigilante battleship has greater durability than the Hellfire battleship.

Being able to equip the most weapons and heaviest weapons it is the most lethal and potent ship in the game and able to eliminate ships at a terrifying pace.

Its reduction in weapon mass makes it possible to fit up to four of these ships into a single fleet with a carrier with each ship at peak firepower making such a fleet superior when fighting against enemy battleship fleets and able rapidly destroy cruisers.

They have a lower repair time in comparison with other ships.


Aside from typical disadvantages common to all battleships. It is has less durability in comparison to the Vigilante battleship. However, it is still more well armoured than a typical MK V Zeal battleship because of its mass and access to armoured thruster, making this battleship amongst one the most powerful ships in the game currently.

They are currently extremely difficult to upgrade to MK V and take a long time to build.


Common weapons of choice are ECHO rays, Aurora rays and Vector torpedoes.

Solid weapon boosters to use are focused optics or volatile fuel. Choose accordingly for advantages you need.

Usage by VEGA

Ever since their appearance in Scorched Earth, the Hellfire Battleship has seen frequent use in Demon Corps' attack on the rebels, appearing in all of the event fleets after Scorched Earth, as well as the Escort and Reclaimer fleets during Alien Decimation and the Alert fleets during VSec Active.

Mk V versions appear in the Demon Corps Harasser supply run fleets and are one of the reasons why many rebels do not dare to engage those fleets head on.

They are frequently armed with a mix of Brimstone Torpedoes, Vector Torpedoes and NET Torpedoes, which are occasionally boosted by Volatile Fuel.

Larus has made the blueprint for it available for the rebels during Redemption, although some were able to obtain it ahead of time.


  • The Hellfire battleship is the first and only battleship to feature seven weapon slots and eight when upgraded to MK IV+.
  • The Hellfire battleship is the opposite of a Vigilante Battleship having less repair time and armor while dealing more damage
  • The Hellfire battleship is the second non MK II battleship to have a modifier, the first one being the Vigilante Battleship
  • The Hellfire battleship extends a hidden weapon compartment on both sides of the ship when its about to enter weapon range.