Heavy Talonite Armor   Heavy Talonite Plates

Talonite Plates   Heavy Talonite Plates

The heaviest Xeno Division armor, built by compressing and folding medium weight armors to offer the best protection.
  — In-Game Description 
Heavy Talonite Plates ....I.... ....II....
Mass 2,598t 2,706t
Health 11,691 13,124
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in

Outbreak - Conquest (Loot Drop),
Alien Repeating Events (Loot Drop)

Currently Available in Alien Decimation (Store)
Time 20h 23m 1d 3h 04m
Mineral Ore 13,717,855 16,461,426
Antimatter 3,919,388 4,703,265
Time 1h 37m 26s 1h 49m 22s

Heavy Talonite Plates I, and II Respectively


The Heavy Talonite Plates is the only Talonite plating, designed by the Xeno Division. It is the strongest base alloy in the game as of now surpassing Capacitive Plates by a long shot.

Strategy and Setup


With the most armor of any other armor currently available, the Heavy Talonite Plating basically makes any module a tank. Modules equipped with the plates will be able to endure many more shots from Punisher Cruisers before exploding.

This massive armor makes rushing alot more difficult as Punishers cannot simply 5 shot your Bridge but will have to spend much more time trying to take down the armor. This makes it perfect for keeping up with today's meta.

Moreover, Heavy Talonite Plates have superior repair efficiency, similar to its ship version, offering more health than Capacitive Plates III with only a little over half the repair time.


It also is very heavy, making it hard to equip on other modules without sacrificing important weapons or specials. This is why some people use the Capacitive Platess on Combat Modules instead.

It also was fairly hard to obtain, as Alien Outposts were just released at the time they were able to be obtained and hasn't appeared since. The Outposts were hard to destroy as no proper strategy was concluded yet and the level II version was from 80 Alien Outposts which meant only a few players could get them. It was also a reusable item meaning you couldn't endlessly equip them.



  • Heavy Talonite Plates have the most armor out of any plating possible in the game.
  • Heavy Talonite Plates have no basic version in the game, making it the first of its kind.

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