Heavy Talonite Armor   Heavy Talonite Plates

Talonite Armor   Heavy Talonite Armor

The heaviest Xeno Division armor, built by compressing and folding medium weight armors to offer the best protection.
  — In-Game Description 
Heavy Talonite Armor I II
Mass 1,201t 1,468t
Health 3,514 4,295
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in Alien Mobilization (Store)
Currently Available in Alien Strike (Store)
Time 4h 54m 6h 00m
Helium-3 1,751,166 3,021,225
Antimatter 194,574 1,007,075
Time 26m 21s 32m 13s

Heavy Talonite Armor I, and II Respectively


The Heavy Talonite Armor is a heavier version of the Talonite Armor, designed by the Xeno Division. It was available in Alien Mobilization and is a reuseable item.

Strategy and Setup


With the most armor of any other armor currently available, the Heavy Talonite armor basically makes any ship a tank. Any ship equipped with the Heavy Talonite Armor is able to receive massive amounts of damage from any sources.

This massive armor makes the Heavy Talonite Armor viable for base attacks as either sniper decoys or base rushers, as the armor greatly increases survival time in battle, enabling ships to survive long enough to decimate bases even while under fire.


The Heavy Talonite armor is Xeno Division Hulls only, meaning only Xeno Division hulls are able to equip this armor, making it useless if you do not have one.

The Heavy Talonite armor may be the armor with the most hit points, but it is also the armor with the most repair time, with level 2 offering 32 minutes of repair time, 3 minutes more than Zynthium V. This gives ships extremely long repair times, such that full fleets can average one to one and a half days in repair.

They also take up a decent amount of ship mass on the Punisher Cruiser (due to its high mass), and thus mass that could be used for armor and weapons are sacrificed in favor of equipping this armor. Which the Punisher has a hard time doing with all its added weight of new tech.

To add insult to injury, they are limited in number. Unlike blueprints, players cannot equip them limitless on their ships, the number they can equip depends on the amount of Heavy Talonite armor items they have. They are also incredibly hard to get as the Hive Fleets are rather difficult at higher levels and still do massive damage on lower level fleets with the wrong setup or strategy. Unlike credits, they can be re-used but require a refit time.


  • The Heavy Talonite Armor was first hinted at in the February release notes.
  • The Heavy Talonite Armor is the heaviest Armor in the game.
  • The Heavy Talonite Armor offers the most health of any other armor in the game.
  • The Heavy Talonite Armor at level II has the most repair time in the game.
  • The Heavy Talonite Armor can be thought of as a Level IV and V version of the Talonite Armor, considering they offer more mass and armor than Talonite Armor III.
  • The Heavy Talonite Armor is the only equipment that has two levels only.


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