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The Harrier frigate is an agile ship, perfect for flanking maneuvers and avoiding damage. Frigates only fire forward.
  — In-Game Description 

Harrier Frigate
Harrier Frigate
Faction Miner Rebellion
Hull Tier 1
Weapon Slots 2
Armor Slots 1
Shield Slots 1
Special Slots 0
Health 46
Unladen Mass 48 t
Max Mass 300 t
Max Cargo 16,000 t
Firing Arc 135 deg
Combat Speed 360 m/s
Turning Speed 32 deg/s
Strafe Speed 280 m/s
Sector Speed 330 AU/hr
Modifiers None
Requirements Ship Factory II
Ship Lab II
Time 8m
Antimatter 0
Build Time 10m 30s
Helium-3 10,960
Antimatter 0
Base Repair Time 46 s

Harrier Frigate MKII
Harrier Frigate MKII
Weapon Slots 2
Armor Slots 1
Shield Slots 1
Special Slots 1 (+1)
Resistance Slots 0
Health 46
Unladen Mass 48 t
Max Mass 315t (+5%)
Max Cargo 20,000 (+20%)
Firing Arc 135 deg
Combat Speed 360 m/s
Turning Speed 32 deg/s
Strafe Speed 280 m/s
Sector Speed 330 AU/h
Modifiers +100% Destroyer Damage
+50% Battleship Damage
-12% Thrusters Mass
+5% Shield Damage
+20% Stasis Resist
Requirements Workshop ?, Harrier Frigate
Research Time
Mineral Ore
Craft Time 31s
Mineral Ore 875
Pattern x1 Harrier Frigate MKII
Cores x1 Frigate T1
Ship Parts x10 Harrier Frigate Parts
Faction Armaments x4 Rebel Armaments


The Harrier Frigate is a beginner level, tier one Miner Rebellion hull. It is the first frigate and second ship available for research to players(after the voyager corvette.

They are generally only used by new players, and are quickly replaced by strong ships. Some use harrier frigates as decoys.

See builds for the harrier frigate here.

Strategy and SetupEdit

Frigates are light weight and agile ships. They are faster and cheaper to repair in comparison to other ships.

Because it is light weight, it can only fit a very limited amount of weapons and armor. In combat, it relies on its evasive maneuvering to survive.

Advantages: Edit

Harrier frigates and frigates in general, their strength is dependent on the dexterity and reflexes of a player. They're very common at beginner level stages and are frequently mixed into low level fleets. Harriers are most effective when fighting against enemy fleets that use weapons that can be dodged such as Rail drivers and Gauss drivers.

One of the best ways to learn fleet vs. fleet combat is by using Harrier Frigates to defeat level 15-20 VEGA Cargo Fleets. Many players use this method to learn how to effectively command their ships in combat.

Harriers have very fast build and repair times making them completely expendable in battle. Players can build a fleet of these on their first day in game.

When upgraded to Mark II, they inflict substantially more bonus damage to battleships and destroyers, 50% and 100%, respectively, which is a considerable improvement.

They can be used as decoys against high level fleets, dodging the shots of the enemy fleet and distracting it while the rest of the player fleet smashes it to pieces.

Disadvantages: Edit

Harrier Frigates are not durable ships in comparison with other ship in their Tier.

Genesis Cruisers have more armor and mass. Longbow destroyers have more range and can destroy Harrier frigates before they get close enough to attack. Rancor battleships have far more firepower and mass and can annihilate groups of Harriers.

Even with good equipment, they are so weak that they can be destroyed by a fleet of almost any ships that aren't Voyager or Pathfinder corvettes. As some Harrier Frigate fleets can reach level 20, they can be used as expendable fleets to debilitate enemy fleets rather than the goal of destroying them.

They're also easily dispatched by Rancor Battleships using the right weaponry. They are also very annoying during battle as they run away to irritate the attackers, especially when used as a guard fleet matching the player's base level.

Recommended Builds: Edit

Fleet vs. Fleet: Spectral shield III or Shockwave shield II for defence. Common effective weaponry such as Disruptor rays, Pulse rays and Scatter missiles are ideal, with the best armour you can possibly fit with the remaining space.

Those who use them as Decoys should fit Fusion Thrusters III, if they have them.


  • You receive one free Harrier frigate at the beginning of the game.
  • You receive another free Harrier frigate at the second day of playing VEGA Conflict. Despite this, you must still research them in the Ship Lab.
  • In the early stages of closed beta, this ship could move swiftly backwards, this was nerfed due to it allowing as low as level 8 to take out more or less any NPC fleet with ease.
  • Using Harriers equipped with Disruptor rays was a common way for low level players to defeat level 35 VEGA sector cargo fleets, however, VEGA warships have been replaced with even stronger ones and this is no longer possible.
  • Due to the inability to equip thrusters , the MK ll variant of the Harrier Frigate used to receive a 10% boost to DPS instead of a +10 % thruster speed in other Mk ll frigates. This has since changed.
  • Like most frigates, the Harrier is named after a bird. The harrier is any one of several species of hawk that fly low over the ground while hunting.


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