Metaphase Shield   Harmonic Exophase Shield

The Harmonic Exophase Shield builds off the Metaphase design to provide protection against Alien damage, in addition to protection against more traditional damage types.
  — In-game Description 
Harmonic Exophase Shield I II III
Mass 772t 965t 1,206t
Shield Energy 1,540 2,410 3,620
Defense 90%
Resists Energy, Explosive, Projectile, Alien
Harmonic Shield +1
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Conquest - Betrayal (Store),
Smash & Grab (Store)
Complete Blueprint
Curr. Available in
Alien Decimation (Store),
Alien Strike (Store)
Tech Lab Required VIII IX X
Time 1h 17m 2h 41m 5h 02m
Helium-3 4,199,118 8,390,965 19,181,426
Antimatter 2,519,471 5,034,579 11,508,856
Time 44m 55s 1h 10m 18s 1h 45m 35s

Harmonic Exophase Shield I, II, and III, Respectively


The Harmonic Exophase Shield is an AXIS Hull only tech, it is the first non-class specific shield since 2014. It resists Energy, Explosive, Projectile, and Alien damage the first ever shield to do so.

Along with this, it adds to the Harmonic Shield Bonuses as well further adding energy to shields. However, it has a MASSIVE repair time, making it unpopular for people who do not coin heavily.

Strategy and Setup


The obvious main advantage the Harmonic Exophase Shield (Which is going to be referred as Exo Shield) is that it resists Energy, Explosive, Projectile, AND Alien damage types. With its also massive energy Capacity it will prove as an excellent defence against the Alien threat.

The Exophase shield also adds to a Harmonic Bonus, the one it adds to is increasing shield energy capacity. Since it is best made to pair with the Guardian Cruiser it can add a massive amount of energy to the cruisers making them survive even longer.


However, it has a whopping 1h 45m 35s repair BY ITSELF, and despite numerous posts telling you it only applies when the ship is destroyed that is not the case. If 50% of the hull is damaged 50% of its all together repair is used as its repair making 1.5 day repairs happen.

Even after the update seen in this forum post the repair time is still incredibly long, being almost an hour longer than the Metaphase Shield III at Exo Shield III making it still a bad option until it gets a lower repair ratio.


After the recent update changing its repair ratio from 1 Energy = 2.5 Seconds repair to 1:1.75 however, this still is an HOUR more repair than Metaphase Shield III at Exo Shield III.

Though, if you don't care about repair only equip level III as much as you can without sacrificing too much mass, when replacing Metaphase III it shouldn't be too hard as they have similar mass.



  • This is the first non-class specific shield since 2014, 3 years have passed.
  • This shield received major backlash from the community as its high repair times only increased the gap from f2p players and p2w players.
  • It is the first shield to resist 4 damage types, and the first to resist alien damage.
  • Players equipped with this shield will have their hulls glow a dark purple
  • The Harmonic Exophase Shield used to have a 1:2.5 energy to repair ratio, but that has been reduced to 1:1.75 in the early September update.

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