The Hardened Resistor increases resistance to Projectile and Explosive weapons.
  — In-Game Description 
Hardened Resistor I II III
Mass 3% ship mass 4% ship mass 5% ship mass
Explosive Resist 15% 20% 25%
Projectile Resist 15% 20% 25%
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in Alien Mobilization (Store),
Alien Decimation (Store),
Smash & Grab (Store)
Currently Available in Alien Strike (Store)
Time 14h 24m 19h 12m 1d
Helium-3 1,685,115 2,948,951 4,212,787
Antimatter 187,235 327,661 468,087

Hardened Resistor I, II, and III Respectively


The Hardened Resistor is a Ship resistor that grants the Punisher Cruiser the ability to resist a certain percentage of damage from Projectile and Explosive weapons.They were available in the recurring event Alien Mobilization.

The Hardened resistor is a hybrid resistor and an reuseable item making it in limited quantities. They also are the most used hybrid resistor out of the 3 because Projectile and Explosive weapons are currently the meta in Vega Conflict.

Strategy and Setup


The Hardened Resistor grants protection against both Explosive and projectile weapons, thus reducing damage from weapons such as the Manifold Missile, Vector Torpedo, Storm Driver, Infernal Wave Driver, and the infamous Charger Swarms and Ranger Swarms making it incredibly useful.

The amount of protection granted is decent, higher than the resistance provided by the Skirmish Armor at Lv III, and thus, ships equipped with this resistor are able to last much longer in battle as compared to those without it.

Like all resistors they have no repair time and actually save the hull repair as the added protection gives the player added armor with no repair whatsoever. This makes resistors incredibly efficient when in PvP or PvE as it allows hulls to survive much longer but adding no repair time.


However, like the other Hybrid Resistors, they can only be equipped on the Punisher Cruiser, and thus, usage of them is very limited in use. This means if you do not have the Punisher it is pretty worthless to the player.

They also take up a decent amount of ship mass on the Punisher Cruiser (due to its high mass), and thus mass that could be used for armor and weapons are sacrificed in favor of equipping this resistor. Which the Punisher has a hard time doing with all its added weight of new tech.

RResistors only give resistance to health, not to shields, hence they are not effective on hulls with low health. Resistors are only mathematically worth their weight if the ship has roughly more than 5,000 health. This means extra armor should be equipped with a resistor to utilize its full potential.

To add insult to injury, they are limited in number. Unlike blueprints, players cannot equip them limitless on their ships, the number they can equip depends on the amount of Hardened Resistor items they have.They are also incredibly hard to get as the Hive fleets are rather hard on higher levels and still do massive damage on lower level fleets with the wrong setup or strategy. Unlike credits, they can be re-used but require a refit time.


  • This along with the Skirmish Resistor and Anodized Resistor are the first hybrid resistors in the game.
  • This resistor is considered very useful as the current meta in the game are Projectile and Explosive weapons, an example would be the Ranger Swarm III which does astronomical damage in little time.


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