The HEX Missile is a powerful Explosive weapon that fires bolts of ionized gas at medium range.
  — In-Game Description 
Mass  200t 280t 390t 545t 765t
DPS  16 19 23 27 32
Range 0-4,250 m
Projectile Speed 1,500 m/s
AoE Radius 350 m
Spread 20 deg
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: See below / R: 2.0 / N: See below
Firing Duration 0.4 s 0.6 s
Clip Size 2 3 4
Sound Effects
Weap fire plasma battery l1 01
Weap fire plasma battery l1 02
Weap fire plasma battery l1 03
Weap fire plasma battery l1 04
Weap fire plasma battery l1 05
Weap fire plasma battery l1 06
Arms Lab Required V VI VII VIII IX
Other Requirements Scatter Missiles I Scatter Missiles II Scatter Missiles III Scatter Missiles IV Scatter Missiles V
Time 2h 6m 40s 6h 20m 19h 0m 0s 1d 14h 3d 4h
Helium-3 1,107,746 3,929,912 11,840,975 36,095,550
Antimatter 20,514 123,083 693,514 2,960,243 12,031,850
Time 5m 30s 12m 31m 30s 1h 28m 3h 20m
Helium-3 47,994 181,308 613,566 1,744,728 3,899,018
Antimatter 2,526 9,543 68,174 436,182 1,299,673
Repair 0s 0s 0s 0s 0s

HEX Missile I, II, III, IV, and V


The HEX Missile is a ship explosive weapon. It serves as the ship counterpart of the Plasma Missile Turret

They fire red bolts of plasma with moderate firepower at medium ranges. They are versatile explosive weapons, common amongst low to mid level players. 

Strategy and Setup


Like Scatter Missiles, are very similar to in terms of functions. They have higher range, firepower and splash damage, making them excellent successors.

HEX missiles being quite versatile in both point blank ranges and still fire at ships at medium ranges, they are suitable for almost any hull like cruisers, frigates and battleships at low level fleets. They have no minimum firing range restrictions, so they are able to attack ships no matter how close they are.


While HEX missiles have good range, they frequently miss their targets at its maximum ranges, particularly if the target is moving. The nature of how the bolts are being spread when fired does not help with its accuracy at range.

While it does have improved firepower, its damage output is moderate at best in comparison with other weapons. It is relatively heavy as well. They are replaced by SICO missiles and Hydra missiles, both of which weapons are more suited for medium range.


They are quite versatile in use but are mostly used on the Rancor Battleship or Genesis Cruiser, particularly the level IV or III version. Try to balance Rear Thrusters and some armor and shielding.

With Rancors try to kite the enemy to avoid missing as many shots and more the Genesis try to rush into the enemy or flank them at point blank ranges.



  • Before Plasma Torpedoes got their spread after a patch in Closed Beta, the HEX Missile was the only ship weapon with spread.
  • The HEX Missile used to be called the Plasma Battery.
  • The oldest picture model of the HEX missile is now the current design for the Polaron Ray, with a slightly changed color scheme.
  • the sound effect and the explosive charges launched by the HEX Missile bears a little reference to the Photon Torpedoes from Star Trek
  • HEX Missile III is required to unlock the SICO missile I blueprint.

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