Polaron Ray   Graviton Ray Turret

The Graviton Ray Turret is an Energy weapon with less power than the Thermal Ray Turret, but much longer range.
  — In-Game Description 
Graviton Ray Turret I II III IV V
Mass 75t 130t 230t 410t 715t
DPS 6 10 18 32 58
DPV 27.6 46 82.8 147.2 266.8
Range 0-6,000 m
Projectile Speed 3,500 m/s
Firing Cycle C: 2.0 / F: 0.6 / R: 2.0 / N: 2
Sound Effect
Mech laser 01
Arms Lab Required V VI VII VIII IX
Prerequisites Thermal Ray Turret I Thermal Ray Turret II Thermal Ray Turret III Thermal Ray Turret IV Thermal Ray Turret V
Time 1h 04m 3h 12m 9h 36m 1d 4h 48m 3d 14h 24m
Mineral Ore 389,762 1,107,747 3,929,913 11,840,975 36,085,550
Antimatter 20,514 123,083 693,514 2,960,243 12,031,850
Time 6m 24s 19m 12s 57m 36s 2h 52m 48s 8h 38m 24s
Mineral Ore 80,004 240,011 895,195 2,769,819 8,699,475
Antimatter 0 0 99,466 488,792 2,174,869
Heavy polaron beam

Graviton Ray Turret I, II, III, IV, and V Respectively


The Graviton Ray Turret is a base Energy "weapon", the second one available for research.

They fire single laser bolts at their targets at medium range. They are extremely rarely used, even amongst low/mid level players.

Strategy and Setup


The Graviton Ray turret is very light, Combat Modules can equip much more armor and shields and easily equip Focused Apertures V for a lot of range. This can prove useful on low level sniper attacks as they are incredibly hard to dodge due to its high speed and range.

It also has no minimum range which is interesting for a turret that can reach almost 7,250m range making it able to help against point blank combats that blitzing fleets usually are fighting in.


However, the Graviton Ray turret deals very low damage. Basing fleets like snipers are usually outfitted with the highest armor possible making its low damage be a huge hassle for the player against these fleets. This low damage is the lowest in the game,second only to the Arrestor Beam Turret. However, unlike this useless... "weapon", at least the Arrestor Beam has a justification for its low damage, as it mostly focuses on inflicting Stasis on enemy ships.

Pretty much all turrets are better at the Graviton's job as well even the Thermal Ray Turret for blitzing and Coil Driver Turret for anti-sniping. While the player levels up, it does an even worse job for the competition, Gladius Driver Turrets are much better alternatives and later the Gemini Driver Turrets. Compared with Storm Driver Turrets, these things shouldn't even be considered weapons at all, and more like flashlights.


Players should never, Ever, EVER, EVER use this turret, and should always use pretty much anything else, as all other turrets are far more superior. If you see anyone using this weapon, they're either very new and know no better, or are complete idiots.

DON'T use it. Period. It's bad and you should feel bad for using it if you do.



  • It is the 2nd weakest energy based turret in terms of raw firepower, now surpassed by the Arrestor Beam Turret.
  • It was once called the "Heavy" Polaron Beam.
    • Back when it was known as the "Heavy" Polaron Beam, its projectile homed in on targets, and its damage was even lower, if such a thing was even possible.

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