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The Graviton Ray Turret is an Energy weapon with less power than the Thermal Ray Turret, but much longer range.
  — In-Game Description 
Graviton Ray Turret I II III IV V
Mass  75t 130t 230t 410t 715t
DPS  6 10 18 32 58
Range 0 - 6,000 m
Projectile Speed 3,500 m/s
Sound Effect
Mech laser 01
Arms Lab Required V VI VII VIII IX
Other Requirements Thermal Ray Turret I Thermal Ray Turret II Thermal Ray Turret III Thermal Ray Turret IV Thermal Ray Turret V
Time 1h 04m 3h 12m 9h 36m 1d 4h 3d 14h 24m
Mineral Ore 100,494 1,107,747 3,929,913 11,840,975 36,085,550
Antimatter 20,514 123,083 693,514 2,960,243 12,031,850
Time 6m 24s 19m 12s 57m 36s 2h 52m 48s 8h 38m 24s
Mineral Ore 80,004 240,011 895,195 2,769,819 8,699,475
Antimatter 0 0 99,466 488,792 2,174,869
Heavy polaron beam

Heavy Polaron Beam


The Graviton Ray Turret is a base energy weapon. It is the second base energy weapon available for research. They fire single laser bolts at their targets at medium range. They are relatively uncommon even amongst low/mid level players.

Strategy and SetupEdit

The Graviton ray turret are quite light, combat modules can equip more armor and shields. They have more range than the Thermal ray turret, but significantly less firepower, they can miss their targets frequently at maximum range. Its range can be increased to 7250 metres, in comparison to most weapons of its range, they have a minimal range - the Graviton ray turret does not, making it perfectly capable of attacking targets at point blank range.

They however have significantly less firepower than other turrets, they are not the most ideal weapon against destroyers. Destroyers equipped with Mass drivers or Siege drivers can out range Graviton ray turrets. Cruiser decoys that enter its firing range often are too heavily armored and shielded to be destroyed by these turrets, particularly at high levels.


  • It is the 2nd weakest energy based turret in terms of raw firepower, now surpassed by the Arrestor beam turret.
  • It was once called the heavy Polaron beam.
  • Heavy Polaron beam used to home in on their targets and have even less firepower.

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