The Gharial Cutter is a well-armed ship often used for blockade running. Cutters are fast, but only in a straight line.
  — In-game Description 


The Gharial Cutter is high level, tier four VEGA Mining hull. It was first available in the event Deception and later riot rotations before being available as a blueprint in level 35-45 VEGA Cargo Fleets.

Gharial cutters are tactical hulls as they are usually brought to counter a battleship fleet, though this isn't 100% of the time. Their fast speed and stasis resist (Marked up) can make it deadly against kiting fleets as they barrage them in weaponry.

Strategy and Setup


Gharial cutters is overall an upgrade over the Rebellion's Taipan Cutter having more mass and an extra weapons slot, in exchange for an armor slot. Overall, since it simply has more mass it is treated as an upgrade over the Taipan.

After the 2016 Rebalance it shares the cutter speed of 450 m/s base combat speed, the fastest in the game. This makes it an unavoidable ram due to how fast they are, this makes it good for running from enemies and scouting as well.

Gharial Cutters, while almost unseen in higher levels can still be decent in mid-level combat. It is one of the most threatening fleets you can see in its tier, especially at Mk V which rips apart kiting hulls like battleships as they gain stasis resistance AND bonus damage to them.

Gharial Cutters can also equip the Strike Shield which is very powerful if your gharial can make it unscathed long enough for it to recharge. However, Metaphase Shield III is more valuable most of the time.


Gharial Cutters while a strong PvP hull are virtually unseen ever farming any cargo fleets. At that level range you take massive amounts of damage trying to blitz the fleet making it never worth it on high level event fleets.

Gharial Cutters, are still cutters and will fall to mark upgraded cruisers, their counter. Even then you can just run from them which is almost unstoppable if you do.

Since it is a brawler hull each victory leads to heavy damage most of the time leaving it super vulnerable to a second fleet attack. Their narrow firing arcs can also make squadrons a massive threat.

While Gharial Cutters had their prime long ago it is unseen in higher levels of combat as Komodo Cutters or Python Cutters severely outshine the Gharial in every aspect besides repair.


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  • This event hull was the first to be introduced when Kixeye began using the Unity Engine.
  • The Gharial cutter can reach the second highest speed in the game. The only thing faster are Cutters with Armored Thrusters and its variants.
  • The Gharial cutter was the first cutter class ship to be introduced to the game.
  • Like all cutters, the Gharial is named after a reptile. It has a distinctively thin snout which is adept at catching fish, its main prey.
  • The Gharial cutter can be bought from The Market.