The Gauss Driver is a Projectile weapon that uses multiple magnetic coils to achieve long range and high damage.
  — In-Game Description 
Gauss Driver I II III IV V
Mass  100t 160t 255t 410t 655t
DPS  7 10 13 18 24
Range 2,250-4,500 m
Projectile Speed 1,000 m/s
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.0 / R: 4.0 / N: 1
Sound Effects
Weap fire gauss 01
Weap fire gauss 02
Weap fire gauss 03
Weap fire gauss 04
Weap fire gauss 05
Weap fire gauss 06
Weap fire gauss 07
Weap fire gauss 08
Arms Lab Required V VI VII VIII VIII
Other Requirements Rail Driver I Rail Driver II Rail Driver III Rail Driver IV Rail Driver V
Research Time 4h 59m 9h 58m 20s 1d 1h 02s 2d 14h 19m 35s 4d 20h
Helium-3 3,388,500 16,080,000
Antimatter 90,862 376,500 1,413,000 4,020,000 6,030,000
Time 2m 30s 4m 9m 30s 37m 2h 23m 30s
Helium-3 3,270 20,840 125,533 697,238 2,758,845
Antimatter 0 0 6,607 123,042 919,615
Repair 0s 0s 0s 0s 0s
Guass Gun

Gauss Driver I, II, III, IV and V Respectively


Gauss drivers are long range projectile weapons. They are the second projectile weapon to be researched. Its projectile texture is slightly different to that of Rail Driver or Mass driver projectiles. It also has distinctly different sound effects compared to the Rail driver.

They are somewhat uncommon amongst players. They are mostly used by low level players on specialized fleets that need the extra range advantage.

Strategy and Setup


The Gauss Driver has a extremely high range, higher than the Rail Driver this makes it the first real sniping weapon unlocked by a beginner level player. The range can also be used in combat aswell for various kiting purposes outranging even Rail Driver Harriers.

It is rather cheap to unlock and build. It is also very light weight allowing much more equipment for your hulls, especially since lower level hulls don't have much mass.


However, like the Rail Driver the projectile is very weak and unimaginably slow allowing basic hulls like battleships or destroyers to even dodge them if fired without any speed booster. This makes it a very poor choice in combat without Iridium Arrays but that could make the hull too heavy. It also has a large minimum range arc easily exploited by enemies. Since the projectiles are so easy to dodge without any speed booster your hull will become defenseless when rushed up too.

Later tier weapons like the Siege Drivere and Gladius Driver are all easy replacements later on.


Destroyers can use this as a early game sniper tool. Since bases cannot dodge only Strafe Thrusters are needed, and max out your ability to equip the Gauss Driver but balance it with shields and armor. Use a Exodus Cruiser or Genesis Cruiser decoy to kite the enemy projectile turrets aswell.

Frigates or Battleships can also use this as kiting the enemies, this is preformed by strafing at the opponent staying in your firing arc and running when they get too close.


Precise Gauss driver is a more powerful variant of the Gauss driver. It possesses a greater degree of firepower and significantly higher range. It indeed has the most range out of all ship weapons together with the new Shatter Driver in the game at 5,200 metres. Its firepower, projectile speed however remains unchanged. Despite its name, it is not any more accurate than the default version.



  • Early in Closed Beta, NPC destroyers were changed to mainly Gauss drivers as opposed to Rail Drivers.
  • The Gauss Driver was once called the Gauss Gun.

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