Fusion Torpedo   Fusion Torpedo Turret

The Fusion Torpedo Turret only deals low Explosive damage, but its huge area of effect can hit many ships at once.
  — In-Game Description 
Fusion Torpedo Turret I II III IV V
Mass 200t 350t 615t 1,075t 1,875t
DPS 15 26 46 80 141
DPV 90 156 276 480 846
Range 4,000-8,000 m
Projectile Speed 750 m/s
AoE Radius 650 m
Spread 60 deg
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 1.0 / R: 5.0 / N: See below
Clip Size 3 4 5
Sound Effects
Weap fire gmissile 01
Weap fire gmissile 02
Weap fire gmissile 03
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX X X
Prerequisites HEX Missile
HEX Missile
Turret II
HEX Missile
Turret III
HEX Missile
Turret IV
HEX Missile
Turret V
Time 8h 32m 1d 1h 36m 3d 4h 48m 6d 9h 36m 9d 14h 24m
Mineral Ore 3,428,287 6,886,366 13,994,750 28,818,533 43,227,799
Antimatter 604,992 1,721,591 4,664,917 12,350,800 18,526,200
Time 51m 12s 2h 33m 36s 7h 40m 48s 15h 21m 36s 23h 02m 24s
Mineral Ore 780,931 1,610,847 3,372,908 7,176,015 10,764,023
Antimatter 86,770 284,267 843,227 2,392,006 3,588,007
Heavy plasma torpedo

Fusion Torpedo Turret I, II, III, IV, V Respectively


Fusion torpedo turret are a medium-long range, explosive based turret.

t fires volleys of slow moving torpedoes with an orange engine trail at their targets with a massive explosion radius. They are not very common as SICO Missile Turrets are much better.

Strategy and Setup


Fusion torpedo turrets launch powerful torpedoes over a large spread and with a massive explosive radius. They can only be outranged by Shatter Driver fragments which need a target first to inflict that damage.

Its high range when fired on decoys can also strike fragile destroyers during sniper attacks as the spread of the torpedoes firing at a compact line of destroyers as it is more likely they will be struck by the torpedoes. Its high spread and AoE also can punish rushing attacks if the player groups up their hulls inflicting massive DPS.


They have a sizeable minimum firing range, they are not very effective in blitz attacks so they should be used in conjunction with other turrets such as Tachyon Beam turrets or Plasma missile turrets for closer range defence.

It also is very heavy on level V which makes it hard to maintain high armor while still maintaining high DPS.

Fusion torpedoes have a low speed and take some time to reach their targets and can be dodged partially. Despite the in game description's claims, they deal a high amount of damage, especially the level V version, but because of its spread - rarely do all of the torpedoes land on a target, hence, it inflicts relatively low amount of damage to a single target.

It also is easily replaced by higher ranged turrets like the Storm Driver Turret and Gemini Driver Turret as they have more range and can deal much more damage.


Players are recommended to spread their combat modules out to cover each turrets blind spot and avoid collateral damage. You'll need to strike a perfect balance between short and long range if you want your base to be effective against both blitz and long-range attacks. 

Higher levels of the turret are recommended as they launch more missiles the higher the level. However, they also get very heavy so level IV or III is more recommended for lower level Combat Modules.



  • Fusion torpedo turret was once called Heavy Plasma torpedo.
  • Its appearance gets shorter and shorter the higher the level which could mean they are fitting so many missiles in there it cannot support such height, despite this they all fire at the same altitude.

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