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Fusion Thrusters are designed especially for blockade running. They combine the advantages of rear and rotation thrusters.
  — In-Game Description 
Fusion Thrusters I II III
Mass 6% ship mass 8% ship mass 10% ship mass
Speed +40 m/s +60 m/s +80 m/s
Turning +4.0 deg/s +6.0 deg/s +8.0 deg/s
Strafe -26% -30% -33%
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Deception and Riot)
Tech Lab Required VI VIII X

Fusion Thrusters I, II, and III, Respectively


Use Fusion thrusters to combine the benefits of Rear and Rotation Thrusters.
  — Event Store 

Fusion Thrusters are very powerful engines, that at level III combine Rear thrusters IV and Rotation thrusters IV, at the expense of strafing speed. These make them very powerful for all different types of ships. They were first unlockable during the event Deception, after a series of riots, they were added as a blueprint obtainable in level 27-45 VEGA cargo fleets or level 50-55 VEGA elite fleets.

They are extremely prevalent, especially amongst mid level and high level players who tend to equip them on every single ship they have.


On battleships, they are considered a must have, absolutely indispensable. Fusion thrusters allow battleships to manoeuvre easily with their speed and rotation. With their agility, long range and firepower, they are able to engage enemy targets from out their weapons range with deadly potency and continually out speed them. This is very effective on slow short ranged ships like cruisers.

They are also common on cruisers to some extent. Players equip them on cruisers to assist them in pursuing battleships. Enemy battleships will usually be able to eliminate a cruiser fleet even if they are fleeing - players with cruisers may be forced to fight back, equipped with fusion thrusters, they are less susceptible to stasis weapons and can potentially retaliate against battleships.

Fusion thrusters are also considered imperative on cutters. Cutters do not have high rotation speeds and as such, equipping fusion thrusters neutralises the weakness of their narrow firing range and moderate rotation speeds. The fusion thrusters particularly pair up well with an agility field, cutters are able to rapidly pursue and destroy battleship fleets.

Fusion thrusters are equipped on frigates as well, frigates being a rather medium/short range ship, can benefit from the increased speed. They can more quickly close in on targets and adjust their bearings.

Fusion thrusters are effective to some extent only on destroyers designed for fleet combat. Destroyers with fusion thrusters and an agility field can pursue and hunt down enemy fleeing carriers.

These thrusters do have a weakness in that the equipped ship must come to a near-complete stop to turn, excluding frigates. This means that the ship is temporarily motionless, and can be hit or caught up to during this time.


  • Fusion thrusters were the second special category event prize, after the Armored Hold.


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