The Fury battleship surpasses all other hulls in terms of raw firepower and strikes fear into the hearts of its opponents.
  — In-Game Description 


The Fury Battleship is a mid level, tier three Miner Rebellion hull. It is the last battleship and last ship in the game available for research to players.

It is a solid, capable warship with a large amount of mass for a variety of weapons and setups. They are common warships amongst mid-level players, usually seen fighting against VEGA fleets.


Fury battleships should be upgraded to MK IV for best results. It is at this point that ships upgraded through the crafting system makes a substantial or even a critical difference in its performance.


Fury Battleships have immense mass and yield six weapon slots. This allows the Fury Battleship to be more mobile and more lethal than the Venom battleship.

Fury battleships can be equipped with even more firepower than Venom battleship as well as Fusion thrusters and more potent stasis weapons. They can cripple and destroy cruiser fleets and destroy them with no damage if they have stasis weapons, fusion thrusters, agility field and long range accurate weapons.

Fury battleships can certainly kill high level VEGA fleet when equipped well and upgraded to MK IV.

Fury battleships can be upgraded to MK IV, yielding greater firepower against cruisers and an extra weapon slot. Crafting materials for Fury battleship materials can be quite easy to obtain with Venom battleships.


Fury battleships are not the top of the food chain in PvP at all, not even close. MK V Dread battleships and MK V Zeal battleships are rather common amongst high level players and they have more firepower and armour than the Fury battleship.

The disparity in strength between the Fury and Dread battleship is not as sheer between the difference of the Fury and Venom battleship.


Fleet vs. Fleet: Spectral shield V or Metaphase shield III are best suited for PvP.

Fusion thrusters III is strongly recommended on any build of Fury battleships.

Thermal beams, Aurora rays, Gatling rays or Impulse beams are good energy weapon choices. You must have focused optics V or ionised optics III, battleships with slightly less range can find themselves greatly disadvantaged when fighting against other battleships. Keep in mind beam weapons are terrible at shooting down squadrons of ships.
Fury 1

A pair of MK III Fury battleships

Vector torpedoes are ideal only if you have volatile fuel, they also synergize well with NET torpedoes. They can still be effective against VEGA fleets.

Gladius drivers are particularly effective dealing with VEGA fleets but not so much in PvP especially at high levels. They are decent at long range combat at mid levels, but you will still need a stasis weapons such as NET torpedo for it to be effective against level 50+ VEGA fleets.


  • With a fleet bay X, you can only field three fully equipped Fury battleships per fleet. The same applies for the Fury battleship MK II. This was notable when fleet bay X was the highest level fleet bay available many years ago and Fury battleships being the heaviest battleship.
  • The Fury Battleship used to hold the title of having the highest mass of any ship, until the Dread Battleship was introduced.
  • There used to be the an Enhanced version of the Fury battleship available for purchase in the black market but has been deprecated.
  • Fury battleships used to take around 14 days to build when they were first released. Their build times have been drastically lowered now.


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