The Freyja Carrier is a previously unknown mercenary ship that uses advanced VEGA technology. It projects an ion field to boost damage against shields.
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The Freyja Carrier is a high level, tier five Iron Star Company hull. It was available in the Conspiracy, Crossfire, and Vengeance events. It continues to become available in recurring Special Events.  

It is a strong, PvP oriented carrier, particularly effective in close-quarters combat.

Strategy and Setup

The Freyja carrier is a new Iron Star Company hull created by the Iron Star Company with advanced VEGA tech.


Equipped with the Ion Field, the same as the Valhalla Carrier, it has high amount of health and plenty of mass, allowing players to equip the heaviest amount of armor and squadrons.

With a base health of 5000, it is the ultimate iteration of the Valhalla Carrier, with more mass and health. It will survive longer than any other carrier in the game - at the cost of higher repair time.

Freyja carriers are particularly oriented for close range, direct combat, unlike the Ragnarok Carrier. They can also equip swarms, which can make it better than the Ragnarok in some occasions.


Freyja carriers lack an Agility Field, making it less versatile than the Ragnarok and Dominion Carriers when it comes to fighting VEGA, VSec and other NPC fleets, since the extra speed is useful for destroying these fleets through kiting tactics.

Freyja Carriers are generally inferior to the Dominion Carrier, to the point that it cannot even compare to it in most forms of combat. This is because of the Dominion carrier's increased reduction in squadron mass, as well as higher number of squadron slots - this allows the dominion to carry more and heavier squadrons, while still retaining a low overall weight.

It is more difficult to upgrade via the crafting system than most other carriers, and carriers as a general rule are some of the hardest ships to upgrade.

Recommended Builds:

Equip four Bomber Squadron IIIs if you have them. Fill the remaining space with armour. Metaphase Shield III is recommended, equipping n energy resistor is also ideal as this carrier has a particularly high amount of health and can benefit from it more than other carriers. Equipping Skirmish Armor will help the Freyja to survive incoming energy and explosive fire for a longer period, which may allow you to outlast your opponent.

Use of a Fusion Thrusters III is highly recommended.

The use of Unstable Reactor is not recommended as the carrier will be slightly slower than if it had fusion thrusters of the same level. However, the use of an unstable reactor can provide an avenging suicide blow to enemy fleets which rush the carrier.

Usage by VEGA

The Freyja carrier was used in the events: Conspiracy, Iron Blood, Crossfire, and many other events along with other mind controlled ISC ships in the Iron Star Conspirator (Conspiracy), Amber Army (Iron Blood) and Demon Corps Division (Crossfire) fleets that are armed with short range Raider squadrons.

Unlike other events that include a carrier, it does not have a range buff, making the whole fleet easy to destroy even the highest level without taking any damage.

Mark 5 variants appear in the crafting fleets, armed with either Fighter or Interceptor Squadrons.


  • The Freyja once had a visual bug makes it appear that the Freyja has an agility field. It is just a bug and still projects an ion field.
  • It has a rather unique design compared to other carriers.