SICO Missile Turret   Frenzied SICO Missile Turret

The Frenzied SICO Missile (Strategic Interdiction and Control Ordnance) is VSec's Explosive reply to anyone who gets in their way, or looks at them funny. It's now oversized in addition to being overpowered.
  — In-Game Description 
Frenzied SICO Missile Turret I II III
Mass 1,191t 1,727t 2,263t
DPS 199 260 341
DPV 517.4 676 886.6
Range 2,750-7,000 m
Projectile Speed 1,800 m/s
AoE Radius 450 m
Spread 30 deg
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 1.6 / R: 1.0 / N: 4
Sound Effects
Weap fire vsec explosive l1 01
Weap fire vsec explosive l1 02
Weap fire vsec explosive l1 03
Weap fire vsec explosive l1 04
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in Eradication (Store*, Loot Drop),
AXIS (Loot Drop),
Alien Repeating Events (Loot Drop)
Currently Available in

Sector Strike (Store*)

*: Only level I available

Time 1h 39m 50s 14h 58m 30s 1d 5h 57m 10s
Mineral Ore 2,302,021 9,942,633 13,993,230
Antimatter 255,780 2,485,658 4,664,409
SICO 1+2+3

Frenzied SICO Missile Turret I, II, and III, Respectively. It looks identical to the Ship Verson


The Frenzied SICO Missile Turret is an advanced version of the Explosive type base turret variant of the SICO missile. It fires a continuous stream of missiles at its targets. It deals a massive amount of damage on level III making it popular if one doesn't have any legendary tier turrets.

Strategy and Setup


Just like the normal version, it has a massive amount of DPS and has the same range as its template version. This makes it a very good Anti-Rush weapon as hulls will suffer badly due to its high DPS. It also has a splash radius which punishes grouped foes even further.

SICO missiles have the a massive amount of DPS. It has significant amount of explosive radius, able to multiply it damage output against groups of enemy ships. Its high fire rate, explosive radius and firepower can quickly dispatch squadrons launched by carriers.


Just like the original, it has a high range but still is outranged by popular sniper weapons like the Siege Driver which makes high ranged turrets like Gemini Driver Turrets a must if you wish to actually deal damage to these types of fleets. Decoys may still get in range due to its high range but it is rare against a skilled pilot. It also has a minimum range that you can exploit to reduce the amount of fire on your hulls.

Being a reusable item it is limited to how many Frenzied SICO Missile Turrets you actually have. This can make base design limited as you may run out of Frenzied versions to equip. It also only has a slightly higher DPS but a massive increase in mass which makes lower level Combat Modules have a hard time equipping it.

Only the level III version is worth it and that version is obtained by attacking high level Alien Outposts and hoping to get it from the random strongbox drop. The legendary turrets like the Cluster Missile Turret have a much higher DPS and overall higher hit chance.



  • Frenzied Weapons usually have a higher spread than normal but the Frenzied SICO Missile Turret doesn't increase in spread but only DPS
    • The reason it doesn't have a higher spread could be because if it had a higher spread it would struggle to hit any target.
  • Although considered a T4 turret in game it was found in T5.5 turret boxes.

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