Simply Copy This In and Fill the Table Out! Remember this is for MK I XENO Hull Infoboxes ONLY! Remember all (1) is actually {

 {(1)Xeno Hull Infobox
 |image = 
 |Faction = 
 |Hull Tier = 
 |Weapon Slots = 
 |Armor Slots = 
 |Shield Slots = 
 |Special Slots = 
 |Resistance Slots = 
 |Health = 
 |Max Cargo =
 |Firing Arc = 
 |Max Mass = 
 |Unladen Mass = 
 |Sector Speed =
 |Combat Speed = 
 |Turning Speed =
 |Strafe Speed =
 |Modifiers =
 |Requirements (Lv of Ship Factory/Lab) = 
 |Event Points Required =
 |Events =
 |Time (Build) = 
 |Helium-3 (Build) = 
 |Antimatter (Build) = 
 |Time (Repair) = 

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