Focused Optics   Focused Apertures

Focused Optics increase the range of Energy weapons by using an array of lenses.
  — In-Game Description 
Focused Optics I II III IV V
Mass (% weapon mass) 8% 16% 24% 32% 40%
Maximum Range +250 m +500 m +750 m +1,000 m +1,250 m
Tech Lab Required IV VII IX X X
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 1h 14m 16h 21m 2d 14h 59m 5d 2h 07m 6d 20h 23m
Helium-3 239,305 3,181,635 10,897,200 21,157,500 28,487,400
Antimatter 12,595 561,465 3,632,400 7,052,500 9,495,800
Time 6m 00s 43m 00s 2h 30m 00s 4h 44m 30s 6h 21m 30s
Helium-3 47,994 636,591 2,179,800 4,231,973 5,698,080
Antimatter 2,526 112,340 726,600 1,410,658 1,899,360

Focused Optics Icon


Focused optics are a booster for ship Energy weapons. They are the counterpart of focused apertures for base weapons. They increase the range of energy weapons for ship weaponry. They are prevalent across all levels and used by many players. High levels especially use this weapon booster for their battleships and destroyers.

Strategy and Setup


Focused Optics increase the range of any energy weapon. This makes them incredibly useful, because it prevents some types of longer ranged energy weapons like the Thermal Beam and ECHO ray from out ranged, and even upgrades them to match the range of Gladius drivers or AP drivers.

Battleships benefit most from this special as they rely on their range to get out of battles victorious. A common fleet fitting is with Nova Rays with Focused Optics V, which is very powerful.


It adds alot of weight to your hull so very heavy weapons with Focused V can be serious problem if one wishes to have high armor and shields as well on a lower level hull like the Venom Battleship. This is not as big as a problem with higher level hulls but the latest tech on higher tier hulls can also make them too heavy to launch with this special.

Sometimes, other specials are a much better alternative like Volatile Fuel which can be better, an example would be a battleship with Vector Torpedo is mixed in with a couple of Burst Rays to substitute Manifold Missile to help against cutters.


If you wish to use any energy weapon it is a MUST to equip Focused Optics V and then balance your weapons,shielding,specials,armor, and resistance after that. Some weapons will not need Optics like Burst Ray.

However, most weapons WILL need Optics like the popular Nova Ray or ECHO Ray. Blitzing fleets also could benefit from III or IV to avoid mine clipping aswell.



  • This along with Iridium Arrays V are usually the only rebellion specials used frequently in PvP as their buffs haven't been replaced with a better limitless special making them very attractive.
  • Focused Optics was once the most used special in the game when ECHO and Arrestor was the current meta.
  • It was once named Lense Optic's instead of Focused Optics

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