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Focused Apertures increase the range of Energy weapons by using an improved ray aperture.
  — In-Game Description 
Focused Apertures I II III IV V
Mass (% weapon mass) 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
Maximum Range +250 m +500 m +750 m +1,000 m +1,250 m
Tech Lab Required IV VII IX X X
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 1h 53m 20s 3h 38m 20s 18h 51m 40s 1d 12h 25m 00s 7d 20h 10m 00s
Mineral Ore 122,989 368,971 6,055,489 25,123,280 77,248,639
Antimatter 0 0 318,710 4,433,520 19,312,161
Time 23m 20s 43m 20s 3h 46m 40s 7h 16m 40s 1d 13h 38m 20s
Mineral Ore 12,040 36,120 754,566 3,447,187 10,512,365
Antimatter 0 0 0 383,020 2,628,091

Focused Apertures Icon


Focused Apertures are a booster of base Energy weapons. They serve as the counterpart of focused optics for ship weapons. They increase the range of energy weapons on the module.

Strategy and Setup


Focused Apertures are invaluable on energy base turrets due to its range increase ability. Something as low as a Graviton Ray Turret or something as deadly as a Rupture Beam Turret both need the special due to how important the bonus to range is in bases.

This range buff can also make usually struggling turrets by itself be much more useful. The Arrestor Beam Turret is a good example its low base range can make it easy picking for sniping but the added range well make any misclick punishable severely, as all the turrets fire on the immobile target.


It however adds a LOT of mass which can make lower level Combat Modules have a hard time equipping it while still keeping a good armor and shield stat. On level V it adds a massive 100% weapon mass to the Combat Module this makes weapons like the Brutal Gatling Ray Turret have almost 5k mass on level III which can make it impossible to balance out on a level X Combat Module.

Due to its high mass, many players equip a much lower level version until they can. This brings a bigger problem as too low of a version makes it rather useless in combat.


When using energy turrets on the Bridge feel free to use Focused Apertures V due to how much mass the Bridge itself can carry. However, lower level combat modules cannot hold as much mass and such will either need to downgrade the special or another type of slot on the module.

A good way to tell which level is perfect is if you can equip level III or IV and still maintain a very good combat module that is the perfect combat module level for that level Aperture.



  • The refit values of Focused Apertures V are identical to Phased munitions V.
  • The Ship version doesn't add 100% weapon mass on level V but only 51%. It is unknown why they are so different as it was still 100% before Combat Module VII was released and still there when the ECHO Ray Turret was released which was very heavy.

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