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Focused Apertures increase the range of Energy weapons by using an improved ray aperture.
  — In-Game Description 
Focused Apertures I II III IV V
Weight (% Weapon Mass) 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
Range Boost +250m +500m +750m +1,000m +1,250m
Tech Lab Required IV VII IX X X
Time 1h 53m 3h 38m 20s 18h 51m 40s 1d 12h 25m 7d 20h 10m
Mineral Ore 368,971 6,055,489 25,123,280 77,248,639
Antimatter 318,710 4,433,520 19,312,161
Time 23m 20s 43m 20s 3h 46m 7h 16m 40s 1d 13h 38m 20s
Mineral Ore 12,040 36,120 754,566 3,447,187 10,512,365
Antimatter 0 0 0 383,020 2,628,091
Focused apertures

Focused Apertures Icon


Focused Apertures are a booster of base energy weapons. They serve as the counterpart of focused optics for ship weapons. They increase the range of energy weapons on the module.

Focused apertures are quite useful when set up on bases, particularly Graviton ray turrets and Arrestor beam turrets since the extra range enables them to be more capable of long range defence. The increased range and hinder the movement of decoys due to the risk of getting too close and sustaining damage. On the Arrestor beam turret, stasis and impair the movement of decoys, making it very difficult of them to avoid incoming fire. They are commonly equipped on energy turrets to fill remaining mass on a combat module. Almost all level V bridges equipped with an energy weapon has focused apertures.

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