Fighter Squadron   Fighter Wing

The Fighter Wing is launched from the Fleet Bay. Its fast ships are equipped with Energy weapons for high burst damage.
  — In-Game Description 
Fighter Wing I II III
Mass 390t 545t 765t
DPS 56 78 110
Flight Time 15s
Scramble Range 8,000 m
Speed 2,000 m/s
Health 500
Arms Lab Required --- --- ---
Prerequisites Graviton Ray
Graviton Ray
Turret IV
Graviton Ray
Turret V
Time 9h 3d 9h 9d 0h
Mineral Ore 3,684,294 33,839,579 40,526,062
Antimatter 650,169 11,279,860 17,368,312
Time 54m 8h 06m 21h 36m
Mineral Ore 839,246 8,155,758 10,091,272
Antimatter 93,249 2,038,940 3,363,757
Fighter 1+2+3

Fighter Wing I, II, and III, Respectively. It looks identical to the Ship Version


The Fighter Wing is an Energy type base squadron. It serves as the base counterpart of the Fighter Squadron for carriers. It is the only wing available for research.

In combat, they are similar to Fighter squadrons, dull yellow colored, high speed strikecraft firing energy based weapons at their targets, leaving behind a white/yellow engine trail. The only different in appearance is that the Fighter wing has a stronger yellow aura surrounding them.

Strategy and Setup


Functionally, Fighter wings are very similar to Fighter Squadrons. They automatically launch when an enemy target enters their scramble range. After they reach their enemy target, they fire continuously until they are destroyed or run out of ordnance. They spread out to all entered hulls if multiple enter however.

They can be targeted by any regular weapon and destroyed, after being destroyed, they retreat and relaunch again after a brief period. This makes it very annoying for sniper decoys that are not prepared with weapons.

Fighter Wings are very fast making them very annoying to destroy as they get on top of your hulls extremely quick and do not detour like swarms. The high range will make it very annoying for unweaponized sniper decoys.


The Fighter wing has short range compared to other wings, at only 7500 metres, making less capable warding of attacks from destroyers and carriers. This will easily be outranged by carriers with Bomber Squadrons and rimming the base or getting the base to 75% will be much easier.

Fighter Wings have a very low DPS compared to Bomber Wings or Interceptor Wings which are much better in every aspect besides speed and availability.

Fighter wings have relatively low amount of armor and are easily destroyed. Coupled with their little DPS can drastically decrease how much DPS they can actually do in their life time. Usually they are heavily damaged or destroyed before even landing 1 hit.


If one only has Fighter Wings they should always equip level III to the Fleet Bay and Bridge as they have enough mass to support such a little weight. However, if you wish to use wings high armor is highly recommended to make the wings last as long as possible but it also adds a hefty repair time.



  • The Fighter wing is the only rebel designed squadron wing.
  • It is the fastest wing in the game
  • The Fighter was shown along with the Bomber Squadron after the Bomber's release. It wasn't able to be built but could be seen and equipped for no value.

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