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The Fighter Squadron is made up of fast, close-range ships. They are equipped with Energy weapons for high burst damage. Squadrons are only usable with carriers.
  — In-Game Description 
Fighter Squadron I II III
Mass 390t 545t 765t
DPS 56 78 110
Flight Time 15s
Scramble Range 7,500m
Speed 2,000 m/s
Health 500
Arms Lab Required Arms Lab VII Arms Lab VIII Arms Lab X
Other Requirements Disruptor Ray V Polaron Ray II Polaron Ray IV
Time 4h 32m 40s 9h 34m 21h 10m
Helium-3 912,000 3,360,000 11,130,000
Antimatter 48,000 594,000 3,710,000
Fighter 1+2+3

Fighter Squadron I, II, and III, Respectively

General Edit

The Fighter Squadron is an energy type squadron. It is the last energy weapon available for research.

Squadrons can only be equipped on Carrier type ships. When an enemy ship enters the squadrons range, they launched and close in on their target. When they reach their target, they rapidly circle it and fire at the target ship until their ordnance is depleted and need to retreat back to the carrier before being resupplied, repaired and launched again, free of charge.

Squadrons can be shot down by regular ship weapons, when their health is depleted, they retreat back to the Carrier for repairs. Some weapons are particularly more effective at shooting down squadrons.

Strategy and SetupEdit

Advantages: Edit

In comparison to other squadrons, fighter squadrons are the fastest and lightest. Their high speed can reach their targets faster and retreat more quickly to repair when destroyed.

In comparison to weapons, squadrons have a far longer range of engagement. Players with squadrons are at much more tactical advantageous position over those who don't, they can strike first and dictate how the battle will flow. Opponents are forced to react and defend.

Disadvantages: Edit

However, due to the mass abundance of Spectral shields, they may be less useful due to the masses of players using spectral shields on their ships. They also have less range than the Bomber squadrons and Interceptor squadron. They greatly lack in firepower in comparison to Bomber squadrons.

Trivia Edit

  • The Fighter Squadron was the first ever squadron introduced, seen on the Ragnarok Carrier in Martial Law.
  • The Fighter Squadron is the only squadron that can be researched in a lab.
  • Fighter Squadron III does exactly the same damage as Bomber Squadron II, but is also heavier, and worse in every way except speed.

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