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The Exodus cruiser performs best when deployed to the front line. It's fast, armored and has a wide field of fire.
  — In-Game Description 
Exodus Cruiser
Exodus Cruiser
Weapon Slots 3
Armor Slots 3
Shield Slots 1
Special Slots 2
Health 360
Max Cargo 64,000 t
Firing Arc 270 deg
Weapon Range 100%
Max Mass 2,010 t
Unladen Mass 180 t
Sector Speed Unknown
Combat Speed Unknown
Turning Speed 20 deg/s
Strafe Speed 140 m/s
Modifiers Unknown
Requirements Genesis Cruiser,

Ship Lab VI, Ship Factory VI

Time 1d 3h 46m 40s
Helium-3 1,840,666
Antimatter 0
Time 5h 20m
Helium-3 311,362
Antimatter 0


Exodus cruisers are a much larger and much more powerful version of the Genesis Cruisers, they have a big emphasis on being a front line warship with stubborn armor and heavy hitting weapons. They take a substantially more time to repair, double that of Talons usually with repair times varying between 23-30 minutes to repair a single individual Exodus, hence it is advised you equip strong shields so that you won't have to repair exodus after every single engagement.


Exodus are frequently used by mid game players with Exodus cruisers equipped with disruptor ray being the most common build. It's not uncommon for some players to gain an inflated sense of superiority when having completely built a fleet of Exodus cruisers. Exodus cruisers equipped with disruptor ray and Rear Thrusters IV are generally decent base hitting fleets at mid level 20s. For FvF, a mix of disruptor ray and HEX Missile is recommended, the cumbersome maneuverability of the cruisers renders it extremely vulnerable to frigates, since frigates with long range weapons are able to remain outside the range of the Disruptor ray. Exodus cruisers and Frigates can also dodge HEX Missiles with good piloting. A good build for HEX missiles is 2 HEX missiles three and one level 2. Armour is 2 Tritanium 4 and one level three. Spectral IV is shielding.Use remaining space on whatever specials you want.

Another strategy if the player wants to do a blitz fleet with the Exodus, They can use the Thermal Beam along with a Disruptor IV along with the beams in case the beam doesn't fire quick enough. Along with that will be Tritanium V for the repair times to be shorter. The only special to add on is Focused Optics. Whatever mass the build has left, it can be used for anything else to fit that last slot, but the recomended loadout will be to add Rear Thrusters I or II depending on the shield you are using.

Advantages: A fleet of the Thermal Exodus Cruisers will provide an overwhelming amount of damage if they are in a group or closed together. The fleet with the Box Formation will work out excellent when closing in on the target.

Disadvantages: Unfortunately with the shield, it is only either Shockwave III or Deflector III, depending on the situation, but the armor, depending on its loadout, will make up for it. Another disadvantage is the fact that if splitting up, the ship that floats away from the group will die a lot quicker.

Counter-Strategy Edit

It is not uncommon for players of lower level to under equip these ships, making it possible for experienced pilots to take out fleets of Exodus Cruisers with instant repair Genesis Cruisers. The lack of long range weapons on the listed builds and the lack of forward speed allows single Destiny Cruisers equipped with the Gladius Driver to easily kill Exodus fleets with little to no damage. Other Exodus cruisers can defeat the listed builds with a combination of high level rear thrusters, long range weapons, and powerful shields unlocked at later levels rather than the usage of high level armor.


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