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Eradication Beam   Devastation Beam

The Eradication Beam discharges highly destructive Alien energy over a short period of time.
  — Fan-made Description 
Eradication Beam Stats
Range 11,000-18,500 m
Projectile Speed 3,000 m/s
Shield Bypass +25%
Firing Cycle C: 2.0 / F: 2.4 / R: 0.0 / N: Infinite

Fan-made art of the Eradication Beam.


The Eradication Beam is an advanced Alien weapon. Visually, it is identical to the Discharge Beam. However, it has a much shorter beam duration and does not have to reload before charging the beam again.

This weapon is also Alien-typed, so its damage cannot be resisted by any shield other than Harmonic Exophase Shields.

Like all Barrage Hive weapons, this weapon has built-in shield bypass, reducing the protection value of shields.


This weapon appears in Barrage Hive Fleets: each Hive possesses 4 Beams. Normally, they deal moderate damage to a single target at a time. Occasionally, the Beams are split between multiple targets.

In addition, singleplayer Barrage Harvesters which spawn during Alien Decimation have 6 Eradication Beams. These deal even more damage, possibly destroying incoming ships before they even come close.


This weapon has a very large minimum range equal to the radius of the Hives' Stasis Field. Therefore, it is easy to predict when the Beams will stop firing. To reduce the damage taken, get your ships inside the stasis field as soon as possible!

Due to the short beam duration, it is much harder to shield switch. Once a ship gets hit by the Beams, you need to immediately strafe it backwards to avoid it being targeted again.

You can also block the Beams by moving other ships in front of the target. However, given the short beam duration, the Beam usually shoots at the lead ship anyways.


  • The Eradication Beam first appeared during the first Alien Mobilization of March 2017, in Unknown Barrage Hive fleets. Many players avoided these fleets due to their massive damage output.
  • Previously named the Annihilation Beam by players, it was renamed the Eradication Beam after the release of the Annihilator Battleship.


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