EX Tungsten Armor   EXAL Tungsten Armor

Tungsten Armor is an composite metal that takes after its namesake. Tough to break and even tougher to forge, it is available only to the highest caliber pilots in the rebellion.
  — In-Game Description 
EX Tungsten Armor Stats
Mass 1,010t
Health 3,342
Explosive Resist 50%
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in Dynasty - Betrayal (Store),
Smash & Grab (Store)
Currently Available in Alien Decimation (Store)
Time 12h
Helium-3 9,090,136
Antimatter 5,050,076
Time 27m 51s


The EX Tungsten Armor is an advanced variant of the Tungsten Armor developed for the A.X.I.S. Project, designed to effectively absorb alien and explosive damage. It was first made available in Alien Decimation and is designed to be more efficient than its predacessor, the EX Heavy Talonite Armor.

Strategy and Setup


As an Improved version of its predecessors the Shockwave Armor and EX Heavy Talonite Armor, it offers the same improved resistances to Explosive damage in addition to more health, but is more mass and repair efficient as compared to them. The High amount of Resistance allows it to effectively shrug off Explosive damage from all sources, including those from the Cluster Missile and Bombardment Torpedo.


The EX is A.X.I.S Hulls only, which limits the variety of options that this armor can offer to the player. It also pales in comparison in terms of health provided to its predecessor the EX Heavy Talonite Armor, and additionally, players prefer to use the EXAL Tungsten Armor for the Alien Resistance.


  • The EX is a reusable credit, while the EXAL is a Blueprint, ironically.
  • The EX stands for Explosive in EX Tungsten Armor
  • The EX is however not as repair efficient as its predecessor, however, it will receive a buff in the coming update.

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