ECHO Ray   ECHO Ray Turret

The ECHO Ray Turret (Electrical Charge Overflow Ray) is a VSec Energy weapon with the unique ability to bounce between adjacent targets.
  — In game description 
ECHO Ray Turret I II III
Mass 347t 711t 1,602t
DPS 66 100 153
DPV 198 300 459
DPV-PT 198 300 459
Range 0-4,200 m
Projectile Speed 3,500 m/s
Chain 4 (-40% damage per bounce)
Firing Cycle C: 1.6 / F: 0.0 / R: 1.4 / N: 1
Sound Effects
Weap fire vsec energy l1 01
Weap fire vsec energy l1 02
Weap fire vsec energy l1 03
Weap fire vsec energy l1 04
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Farming Tier VSec Tier II VSec Tier II/III VSec Tier III/IV
Fragments 4 5 6
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Martial Law (Store),
Riot (Store),
Special Event (Store)
Arms Lab Required VI VIII X
Time 1h 12m 10h 48m 1d 4h 48m
Helium-3 1,118,994 10,874,344 13,455,029
Antimatter 124,332 2,718,586 4,485,009
Echo 1+2-0

ECHO Ray Turret I, II, and III, Respectively


The ECHO Ray Turret is an energy weapon, a base variant of the ECHO ray ship weapon, it was obtainable during a feature event, Martial Law. It was available through Riots before it was added as a blueprint found by destroying level 30-55 VSec fleets.

It fires a thin, yellow laser at its target which ricochets off it and bouncing onto a nearby target, repeating so three times, damaging a total of four ships. It is rather uncommon because it has only been released once.



ECHO ray turrets are short ranged weapons designed to destroy groups of ships that are blitzing the base. It has immense firepower when being able to ricochet its laser to maximum number of targets, delivering more than twice the damage and is a strong close range weapon from low level to high level base defence. It can bounce between targets that are roughly within 2,000 metres of each other, but it cannot bounce on the same target twice.

ECHO ray turrets never miss, the laser fired will arc and home in on their target if it moves. Low level variants are very light, ECHO ray turret III is also very light in comparison to the Tachyon Beam Turret III. It has a short range, rather low in comparison to other energy weapons but it can be improved with Focused Apertures. They are good at shooting down squadrons launched from carriers. It cannot contribute to the defence of a base against long range fleets of destroyers.


The ECHO Ray Turret however, has a relatively short range, much like all other defensive Energy turrets. This makes it easily outranged by any Destroyer, and to a certain extent, Battleships. Its DPS towards a single target, while able to chain, is not that spectacular as well, any skilled pilot can mitigate this by spreading out his ships and blitzing the base from many different angles, greatly reducing the damage put forth by this turret.


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