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The Disruptor Ray is a more sophisticated Energy weapon than the Pulse Ray. It has significantly higher power, but shorter range.
  — In-Game Description 
Disruptor Ray I II III IV V
Mass  30 60 120 240 480
DPS  10 14 20 29 42
Range 0 - 2,500 m
Projectile Speed 3,000 m/s
Sound Effects
Laser red 01
Laser red 02
Laser red 03
Arms Lab Required III IV V VI VI
Other Requirements Pulse Ray I Pulse Ray II Pulse Ray III Pulse Ray IV Pulse Ray V
Time 3h 20m 6h 40m
Helium-3 1,180,328 4,472,821 8,945,640
Antimatter 0 0 62,122 496,980 993,960
Time 50s 3m 20s 10m 20m 30m
Helium-3 10,095 40,380 121,139 484,566 969,111
Antimatter 0 0 0 0 0

General Edit

Disruptor rays are short range, energy based weapons. It can be researched at a weapons lab. They fire yellow colored lasers in bursts of three and it never misses. They are popular and common weapons amongst low level players because of their ease of use and effectiveness in close range combat.

Strategy and setUPEdit

Advantages: Edit


Disruptor Ray.

A powerful, short range weapon and bigger brother of the Pulse Ray, effective at close ranges. It possesses significantly more firepower than the Pulse ray. Lower tiers of this weapon have a better weight to firepower ratio and are incredibly efficient with firepower to mass ratio. 

Disruptor Ray I and II are generally inexpensive to research, as you progress to higher level Disruptor Rays, the costs to develop the weapon ramps up exponentially, as well as the weight and installation time of each weapon.

Disruptor Ray I and Disruptor Ray II take up minimal equipment space leaving a lot of room for armor and shields for ships such as Harrier frigates, allowing them to become resilient and powerful at the same time.

Disruptor Rays are less often mounted onto Genesis cruisers, as cruisers generally tend to carry missiles or slightly heavier weapons. Mid-level Disruptor rays are also used on Rancor battleships, Talon frigates and Exodus cruisers. Disruptor ray III is basically a lighter version of Pulse ray V except lighter and has a slightly shorter range and higher fire rates. 

Focused optics can only be mounted on Genesis cruisers or higher tiered ships. High level focused optics can increase the range significantly, starting from 250 metres additive increase of range and each level increases the range in intervals of 250 metres until 1,250 metres as maximum.

As of all the weapons, the Disruptor ray has the highest damage output in level V, than all the other weapons in the miner rebellion. The first is Disruptor ray V, followed by the Plasma torpedo V, while the third is Mass driver V.


  • Due to a previous patch, the DPS was nerfed significantly.
  • Disruptor rays used to be extremely prevalent in PVP combat with many, many fleets equipped with this same weapon.
  • Disruptor Ray used to be named "Beam Laser".
  • Like all energy weapons, the shots of the Disruptor Ray will home onto targets.


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