Disintegrator Cannon   Disintegrator Cannon Turret

Disintegrator Cannon Turret   Xeno Disintegrator Cannon Turret

The Disintegrator Cannon Turret uses Xeno Division technology, to bring you a destructive energy cannon.
  — In-Game Description 
Disintegrator Cannon Turret I II III
Mass 2,057t 2,880t 3,394t
DPS 266 372 438
DPV 1,330 1,860 2,190
Health 1,500 1,739 1,992
Range 0-4,300 m
Projectile Speed 3,500 m/s
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.8 / R: 4.2 / N: 5
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in

Eradication (Loot Drop),
AXIS (Loot Drop),
Conquest (Loot Drop),
Alien Decimation (Store, Level I Only)

Currently Available in Alien Repeating Events
(Loot Drop)
Time 1d 0h 21m 19s 1d 10h 06m 00s 1d 16h 11m 00s
Mineral Ore 12,502,844 16,383,037 20,263,230
Antimatter 6,819,733 8,936,202 11,052,670

Disintegrator Cannon Turret I, II, and III


The Disintegrator Cannon Turret is the base turret variant of the Disintegrator Cannon. It fires rounds of yellow lasers in a few seconds at the enemy doing a massive amount of damage. It does the second most damage of any energy turret only surpassed by the Rupture Beam Turret.

Strategy and Setup


Just like the ship version, it deals a astounding amount of damage already surpassing SICO Missile Turret III on level II. Unlike turrets like the Vector Torpedo Turret is also fires many bursts of damage which adds even more DPS to the turret. This can be enough to deal significant damage to Xeno Division Hulls.

Its high DPS can also make it excellent against squadrons, unlike the SICO Missile Turret it never misses so it can destroy swarms in a couple of volleys unlike the SICO Missile Turret which can miss many of the squadrons.

The Disintegrator Cannon Turret also adds alot of armor, similar to Zynthium I on level III. This helps in additional tanking against sniper or rushing Xeno Division Hulls.


Its small range means it is easily outranged by the Siege Driver or Shatter Driver making it easily countered by the Exterminator Destroyer or any sniper fleet. Weapons like the Gemini Driver Turret must be equipped in unison to provide a balanced base that can defend against both Blitz and Snipers.

It is very heavy meaning only Combat Module XIII can truly benefit off the Disintegrator Cannon without sacrificing valuable armor or shields. Adding Focused Apertures V is almost impractical without it, as the added 100% mass will be too hard to equip on level X or XI.

It also is a reusable item meaning your amount of Disintegrator's are dependent on how many credits of the Disintegrator Cannon Turret you have. It also is extremely hard to obtain on level III as you would have to defeat very difficult Alien Outposts 80-90 and try to get lucky in random drops.


For Combat Module XIII try to equip Disintegrator Cannon Turret III and Talonite Plates or Heavy Talonite Plates as your armor and try to equip a shield if you can.

Specials aren't recommended as it is a anti-blitz weapons meaning it doesn't need to outrange specials but Focused Apertures V is recommended if your willing to sacrifice armor. If you want to equip it while having max armor try to equip III or IV.



  • The Disintegrator Cannon Turret is the first turret to add armor.
  • Although having a speed of 3,500 m/s its projectiles are slower than the Rupture Beam Turret's which only has 3,000 m/s

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