The Diffuser Shield is a ship shield that takes reduced damage from Energy weapons and recharges to full strength over time.
  — In-game Description 
Diffuser Shield I II III
Blueprint Fragments 4 5 6
Blueprint Tier Tier I Tier II Tier III
Mass 60t 360 1,080
Defense 90%
Resists Energy
Shield Energy 120 720 2,160
Recharge Rate 12 Energy/s 72 Energy/s 216 Energy/s
Requirements Spectral Shield III Spectral Shield IV Spectral Shield V
Time 1m 30s 12m 30s 1h 55m 30s
Helium-3 289,219 999,842 5,743,044
Antimatter 0 0 1,435,762
Repair 2m 12m 30m
Difusser 123

Diffuser Shield Level I,II and III


Diffuser Shields are a blueprint shield, and its blueprints can be found in rebel cargo fleets level 20-27 or VEGA cargo fleets level 30-37. They are resistant to energy weapons. They are extremely rarely used, if seen in use, they are typically on carriers or battleships, equipped on high level fleets. Recharging shields are only effective if you are able to take control of a battle and take advantage of the shields recharging effect.

Recharging shields do not replenish after being depleted. They only recharge after ten seconds period where they do not take fire. They do not recharge if under attack. Hence, recharging shields are poor shield choices in direct combat.

Like the default Spectral shield, they take 50% less damage from energy type weapons.

Strategy and SetupEdit

Advantages: Edit

The Diffuser shield are best for ships that can avoid direct combat, such as carriers and battleships. In high level combat, battleships and carriers fighting other carriers and battleships tend to slip in and out of each others weapon's range. During the intermittent pauses in battle, the player with recharging shields can replenish their shields and re-engage enemy fleet with full shields again. This is only effective in such scenarios, as most other combat and fleet vs fleet combat scenarios, it is difficult to avoid taking damage consistently.

Given how common energy weapons are in battleship vs battleship battles are, Diffuser shield is more suited in absorbing damage from ECHO rays and Aurora rays.

Disadvantages: Edit

Diffuser shields are weaker than non recharging shields available for research. Players should only use these shields if they are in specific scenarios where they can take advantage of the shields recharging effect. They are poor shields of choice in direct combat and non recharging alternatives provide more solid defence.


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