The Destiny Cruiser is a well known VEGA hull. It's faster and more versatile than a Rebel Cruiser.
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The Destiny cruiser is a low level, tier two VEGA Mining hull mostly used by low level players. It can fit two weapons and has room for minimal armour.

Their blueprint can be found in level 20-25 Miner Rebellion Fleets.

Strategy and Setup

Destiny Cruisers were designed by VEGA Mining. They are relatively uncommon and are very similar to Exodus Cruisers in terms of specifications.


Destiny Cruisers have slightly more armour and mass than Exodus Cruisers. This extra mass allows the Destiny Cruiser to equip heavier armor and shields.

Destiny Cruisers also have a small ship profile, so they can dodge projectiles slightly easier than larger ships.


Destiny cruisers are very limited in their slots.

Having only one armor slot, they cannot reach the levels of durability that an Exodus cruiser can, limiting its ability to brawl and be used as a decoy.

They also only come with two weapon slots. While the Destiny cruiser can equip heavier weapons, it cannot match the massed firepower of the Exodus cruiser when fully equipped.

It also only has one special slot, meaning it will either only be able to carry a weapon booster or a thruster, not both.

Destinys are easily overpowered by Revelation Cruisers and other more powerful tier III ships as well, limiting the Destiny cruiser to the medium-level range of play at highest.

It is also much more difficult to mark up a Destiny cruiser compared to it's Exodus counterpart, due to its materials ONLY dropping from Raider supply runs.


The Destiny cruiser stands out from other cruisers in that players tend to only equip Fusion Thrusters or Rear Thrusters in the special slot, to give the Destiny cruiser greater mobility. How it performs, and its role on the battlefield, depend entirely on the weapons given to it.

Gladius Drivers can turn the Destiny cruiser into a long-range marksman. This is generally the ONLY projectile weapon that the Destiny cruiser can reliably equip, due to the proximity detonation allowing it to hit targets that other projectile weapons cannot. It is most effective against ships with short-range weapons.

Vector Torpedoes have a similar range to Gladius drivers, only slightly less, with greater firepower and near perfect accuracy. It performs similarly to the Hydra missile.

Hydra Missiles can turn the Destiny cruiser into a mid-range skirmisher. With the ability to always hit its target, the Destiny cruiser becomes fairly dangerous, however it will have a tough time punching through cruisers and battleships, which tend to boast heavy armor. It is, however, quite effective against more fragile ships.

Thermal Beams transform the Destiny cruiser into a close-range brawler. This build requires the Destiny cruiser to equip thicker shields and armor to circumvent the short range of the Thermal beam. This is, however, the strongest of the builds in DPS. It functions best against ships that have a blind spot or a zero ground.

Understand that the destiny is fairly limited in what it is able to go up against, tier III ships and carriers are a death sentence to a Destiny cruiser and should be avoided when using it.



  • The Destiny cruiser has a different unobtainable counterpart, which is the Colonial cruiser, an extremely weak and unarmored version. It has yet a second counterpart called the Swarm cruiser, much faster Destiny cruiser.
  • Even though the guns on the ship can turn 360 degrees, and there is no visual clue that it can't fire behind itself, it does not have a 360 degree firing radius.
  • The old name was the Destiny corvette; it was since changed.
  • The Destiny cruiser has a very small hitbox size compared to its visual model. Shots that seem to connect to the rear side of the ships will actually miss.
  • A weaker variant, the Colonial Cruiser, only appears in Lv 20-23 Antimatter cargo fleets.
  • The Destiny's front is much bigger than you think, it has a massive downward bulge usually never seen.

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