Demon Corps ship weapons were developed by the Demon Corps to suppress the Miner Rebellion. They are significantly more powerful than Iron Star Company Ship Weapons, but often come with various restrictions.

Energy Weapons


Archer Beam

An Energy weapon that focuses a sustained beam over a long period of time. It has very long range but limited damage output. Only equippable on Destroyers.

Reverb Ray

A medium-range Energy weapon that fires lasers which can bounce across multiple targets. The damage increases with each bounce, unlike the ECHO Ray which does the opposite. The weapon is also remarkably lightweight. Only equippable on Cruisers.

Nova Ray

A powerful Energy weapon with good range. It fires energy rays that explode into a star formation upon impact, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Infernal Gatling Ray

A massively buffed Gatling Ray, it has very high damage output at the cost of reduced range. Only equippable on Demon Corps Hulls.

Explosive Weapons


Brimstone Torpedo

Mainly for area denial, this Explosive weapon has extremely short range. Its torpedoes explode into smaller fragments upon detonation, which travel in random directions. Only equippable on Battleships.

Fissure Torpedo

A medium-range Explosive weapon that fires a powerful torpedo. When detonated, this torpedo splits into explosive charges which travel 120 degrees apart, perfect for disrupting retreating enemy lines. Only equippable on Frigates.

Manifold Missile

A potentially devastating Explosive weapon, its medium-range missiles split into more missiles upon detonation, branching out like a tree.

Infernal Vector Torpedo

A massively buffed Vector Torpedo, it has very high damage output at the cost of reduced range. Only equippable on Demon Corps Hulls.

Projectile Weapons


Storm Driver

A powerful medium-ranged Projectile weapon. It fires quick bursts of fast-moving projectiles with a small spread. Only equippable on Demon Corps Hulls.

Tempest Driver

A devastating Projectile weapon at short range, firing a spread of piercing rounds. Only equippable on Demon Corps Hulls.

Neutron Driver

A Projectile weapon optimized for bunched-up bases. It shoots a cluster of neutrons that deal respectable damage with a large AoE. It has a sizable minimum range, limiting its use in fleet combat. Only equippable on Destroyers.

Infernal Wave Driver

A massively buffed Wave Driver, it has very high damage output at the cost of reduced range. Only equippable on Demon Corps Hulls.

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