This page lists hulls that are manufactured by the Demon Corps. They all have a -10% weapon mass to them, due to their unique designs that values damage over health.

The hulls listed on this page is not unlock-able via the Ship Lab and would require blueprints in order to unlock the ability to construct them. Blueprints currently can only be obtained through claiming of the prizes in event stores during the presence of an event.

1 Tornado3

Tornado Frigate

A deadly, mobile frigate with an emphasis on firepower over all other frigates.

1 Covenant

Covenant Cruiser

A powerful, versatile, and heavily armored cruiser with access to a wide variety of weapons.

1 Damocles

Damocles Destroyer

A powerful destroyer with access to specific technology, can be configured to be deadly against fleets and bases alike.

1 Hellfire

Hellfire Battleship

With a vast amount of firepower and bristling with weapons, it is incredibly versatile, powerful and terrifying in its own right.

Legion Battleship

Legion Battleship

A reconfigured, slower design of the Hellfire Battleship, sacrificing weapon slots for a squadron slot, as well as extra armor and shielding.

1 Basilisk

Basilisk Cutter

Fast, heavily armored and with vast amounts of mass to equip the heaviest weapons available, it is able to front run almost any fleet into the ground.

1 Fenrir2

Dominion Carrier

An extremely powerful and aggressive carrier with six squadron slots, as well as access to exclusive technology and alien squadrons.

It is currently the most powerful hull obtainable in the game.

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