Demon Corps has begun sending alert fleets to patrol the sector, knowing that with the recent theft of technology, VSec Overwatch Forces will be insufficient in holding back the rebels from causing chaos in the sectors.

Demon Corps Alert Fleet (60-65)

Demon Corps Alert

Damocles Destroyer x2

Damocles Destroyer* x2

Basilisk Cutter x2

Hellfire Battleship x2

Dominion Carrier x1

Fleet Armaments

Damocles Destroyer - Archer Beam x2 | Arrestor Beam x1 {?}

Damocles Destroyer* - Neutron Driver x3 {?}

Basilisk Cutter - Tempest Driver x4 {?}

Hellfire Battleship - Vector Torpedo x5 | Brimstone Torpedo x1 | NET Torpedo x1 {?} (Volatile Fuel)

Dominion Carrier - Bomber Squadron x6 {?} (Double Scramble Range)

(Destroyers marked with a * use neutron drivers instead of archer beams and arrestors.)

A formidible demon corps fleet armed to the teeth. This fleet spawns in front or behind your fleet depending on whether you are attacking it, or it is attacking you.

The damocles destroyers spawn to the sides of your fleet.

It's recommended that you have end-game tech before attempting to defeat these fleets. Dominion carriers help immensely.

The fleet drops crafting materials for the Demon Corps, but it's generally better to farm supply runs for those. Unfortunately, this is the only fleet capable of giving materials for the dominion carrier. However your effort will be rewarded if you can grind through to a mark 5 dominion.

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