Deflector Shield   Deflector Field

Shields defend the hull from most damage. The Deflector Shield lasts longer against Projectile weapons.
  — In-Game Description 
Deflector Shield I II III IV V
Mass 15t 45t 135t 405t 810t
Shield Energy 45 135 405 1,215 2,430
Defense 90%
Resists Projectile
Tech Lab Required II IV VI VIII X
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 5m 6m 10m 3h 57m 1d 3h 56m
Helium-3 500 10,900 290,100 5,782,210 20,905,575
Antimatter 0 0 0 1,020,390 6,968,525
Time 1m 00s 1m 30s 3m 00s 16m 30s 1h 23m 00s
Helium-3 60 1,130 29,140 578,527 2,091,105
Antimatter 0 0 0 102,093 697,035
Time 45s 2m 15s 6m 45s 20m 15s 40m 30s

Deflector Shield I, II, III, IV, and V Respectively


The Deflector Shield is a Miner Rebellion researchable shield that resists Projectile damage. It is widely used on "Sniper" fleets against bases, they see little use outside that though.

Strategy and Setup


The biggest advantage the Deflector Shield has is its 90% resistance against Projectile damage. Due to this, it works great as shielding for "Sniper" Fleets which snipe bases with Destroyers and dodge with decoys. Since only projectile turrets will reach you it is great for this.

It also is the lightest shield in the game, which allows destroyers to have the Deflector IV or V while still having decent levels of armor and Siege Drivers equipped.


Outside of basing however, this shield has little potential as projectile weapons are rarely ever seen outside of combat. Since it also only resists projectile damage, explosive and energy weaponry will quickly destroy your hull.

Being the lightest, it also has the least energy aswell, reducing the use in combat even more as the shield will quickly fall.It is also easily replaced by the Metaphase Shield III.


Either Metaphase Shields or Deflector Shields should be equipped in PvP and always levels IV and V on your destroyer just in case a few projectiles end up hitting it.

your decoys should definitely max out their shield capacity with Repulsor Shields, Metaphase Shields, or Deflectors due to their job to tank.



  • Deflectors Shields were still useless before the rebalance as at the time projectile weapons were popular, Phased Projectile setups almost completely bypassed shields regardless.
  • The base variant to the shield is the Deflector Field.
  • Hulls equipped with the Deflector Shield will glow a light blue.

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