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Deflector Shield   Deflector Field

Shields defend the hull from most damage. The Deflector Shield lasts longer against Projectile weapons.
  — In-Game Description 

Deflector Shields

Deflector Shield I II III IV V
Mass  15t 45t 135t 405 810
Defense 90%
Resists Projectile
Shield Energy 45 135 405 1,215 2,430
Tech Lab Required II IV VI VIII X
Time 6h 28m
Helium-3 17,867,858
Antimatter 3,153,152
Time 1m 1m 30s 3m 16m 30s
Helium-3 60 1,130 29,140 578,527
Antimatter 0 0 0 102,093


Deflector Shields are a miner rebellion shield that can be researched in the technology lab. They are resistant to projectile weapons. They have a 50% damage resistance to projectile weapons, that is, they take have damage from projectile type weapons.

The Deflector shield is the third and final shield that players research. Compared to the Spectral shield and Shockwave shields, it has the lowest shield strength, but is the lightest of the three.

As the name suggests, the shield is designed to protect ships from incoming projectiles, specifically fast-travelling and hard-hitting weapons like the Gladius and AP Drivers.

However, the shield is extremely vulnerable to explosive and energy weaponry. Weapons such as the SICO missile, Aurora ray, Thermal beam, Vector torpedoes, and especially the ECHO ray, will be able to quickly deplete the Deflector shield.

Due to the fact that projectiles in fleet combat are not as common as explosives and energy weapons, as well as the ever-present Metaphase shield being able to defend against all three weapon types and is stronger than Deflector shield V, the Deflector shield sees uncommon use.

However, this shield is very useful for attacking bases and when farming VEGA Fleets. Due to the fact that bases tend to use projectile weaponry in large numbers for long range defence, as well as high-level VEGA Fleets often bearing Gladius drivers. Because of this, the shield does see use outside of PvP.

Trivia Edit

  • The Deflector shield has been a roller coaster in terms of usage. It previously was useless, then brought to a very useful state, then thrown back down again by the ECHO Ray.

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