Deflector Shield   Deflector Field

The Deflector Field is primarily designed to deflect shots from Projectile weapons.
  — In-Game Description 
Deflector Field I II III IV V
Mass 240t 336t 470t 658t 922t
Shield Energy 600 840 1,176 1,646 2,304
Defense 90%
Resists Projectile
Tech Lab Required VI VII VIII IX X
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 2h 15m 00s 6h 45m 00s 20h 15m 00s 1d 16h 30m 00s 3d 8h 58m 20s
Mineral Ore 8,425 42,152 200,336 863,368 4,713,159
Antimatter 0 0 10,544 95,930 831,734
Time 13m 30s 40m 30s 2h 01m 30s 4h 03m 00s 8h 05m 50s
Mineral Ore 421 2,108 10,544 47,965 249,520
Antimatter 0 0 0 0 27,724

Deflector Field I, II, III, IV, and V Respectively


The Deflector Field is a Miner Rebellion researchable field that resists Projectile damage. It is widely used as an Anti-Sniper shield as is pretty effective at its job.

Strategy and Setup


The biggest advantage the Deflector Field has is its 90% resistance against Projectile damage. Due to this, it works great as shielding against "Sniper" Fleets which snipe bases with Destroyers and dodge with decoys. Usually they will use the Siege Driver in this fitting, a projectile weapon.

It also is the lightest shield in the game, which allows your modules to still carry lots of armor and a weapon to fully support the shield while its still up.


However, due to only having a 90% resistance against projectile weapons, weapons like the SICO Missile, Impulse Beam, Thermal Beam, and many more will all decimate the shield, this makes it usually ineffective against rushing fleet.

Being the lightest field, it also has the least energy. Thus, it will be the first to fall during many base assaults because of this. It also is replaced by the Metaphase Field III if you have the mass to equip it.


Unlike in ship combat, the importance of Fields is not very high as most of the time, armor is a much better option due to how heavy they are are how little effectiveness they have in the overall defence.

Though, if you have extra mass try to equip the Metaphase Field instead, though if you don't have it, the Deflector Field is a great alternative for it.



  • Deflectors Fields are by far the most useful field in the current base attack meta, since sniper fleets in lower levels are the most effective way in 2 Starring a base.
  • The ship variant to the field is the Deflector Shield.
  • Like the hull version, turrets equipped with this glow with a light blue.

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