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Deflector Shield   Deflector Field

The Deflector Field is primarily designed to deflect shots from Projectile weapons.
  — In-Game Description 

Deflector Fields

Deflector Field I II III IV V
Mass 240t 336t 470t 658t 922t
Defense 90%
Resists Projectile
Shield Energy 600 840 1,176 1,646 2,304
Tech Lab Required VI VII VIII IX X
Time 1d 4h 00m 00s 2d 8h
Mineral Ore 1,834,537 5,500,476
Antimatter 203,838 970,672
Time 13m 30s 40m 30s 2h 01m 30s
Mineral Ore 421 2,108 10,544
Antimatter 0 0 0


Deflector Fields are resistant to projectile based weapons and are the third module shields that beginners unlock. They mitigate 50% of damage from projectile weapons. They have the lowest amount of strength and weight in comparison with Shockwave and Spectral fields.

They are more suited against long range attacks, due to the common use of projectile weapons by destroyers, such as Mass drivers or Siege drivers, against bases due to their their high range, attacking outside the range of turrets. To assist surviving such attacks, Deflector fields are often deployed. They are also vulnerable to Energy and Explosive weapons, which will drain the shield rapidly. They do not scale well with high level fleets and quickly become obsolete, with many players choosing the more powerful and versatile Metaphase field.

Modules equipped with Deflectors shields glow a luminescent blue when under attack.

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